Session 8: January 7, 2001


Wendi Strang-Frost as GM
Lisamarie Babik as Lulu Le Beau
Kevin Collins as Baby Dewey AKA Rommel
Kris Fazzari as Claire AKA Sylvia Van Horn née Darby AKA "Static"
Sean Frost as T.M. Smith, AKA "Mr. Lucky"
Andy Prill as Dirk Steel
George Rabick as Tom A. Stockton
Matthew Richardson as Naomi Reed Kline
Dave Schoen as "The Purple Avenger"
Steve Sikora as Sir/Dr. Alec Neville-Smythe


Pip, Alec's pixie
Valentine Van Horn, evil billionaire gadgeteer


"You know, with one shot, I could take out both of their arms." -- Naomi to the group, as Dirk and the Purple Avenger test each other's handshake grip

"That's where I know you. You're the dead guy!" -- The Purple Avenger
"Er, I get that a lot." -- T.M.

"I was thinking bank robberies, hijakings, evil!" -- The Purple Avenger
"We don't need to rob any banks, we have plenty of money." -- Naomi

"Perhaps we could design something that's molecularly unstable." -- Alec to the group, suggesting a costume for Dirk

"Although I'm not entirely certain, I believe I have interstellar warp capability." -- Dirk
"That's nice, but I think the problems we'll be dealing with will be on Earth." -- Naomi

"Where is (the Purple Avenger)?" -- Alec
"He's fighting evil." -- Pip
"He's not supposed to be fighting evil outside of the building." -- Alec

"Listen chum, there was a black knight and a princess, and I was involved!" -- The Purple Avenger to Alec

"If you want to fight evil, I'm all for that, but wait!" -- Naomi to the Purple Avenger

"Evil doesn't wait for pottie breaks!" -- Lisamarie to the group

"It really sucks when your only power is to die." -- T.M. to the group

"Keep talking, little man, soon you will be dead." -- Valentine Van Horn
"Not if I kill myself first!" -- T.M.

Things you don't want to hear your GM say in Champions:

"We had a successful mission! We only got stroke damage." -- Claire to the group

"You know, in some countries I could stick (Baby Dewey) on a cold hill, and that would be the end of it." -- Matthew to Kevin
"(Lulu) tried that!" -- Lisamarie

"Wouldn't you rather have a hamburger or steak or something, instead of an animal?" -- The Purple Avenger to Tom, as Tom's roasting a squirrel

"Damn babies got in the walls again!" -- The Purple Avenger to the group

"Don't worry, I've seem him do this before. Just thank God his winkie isn't out." -- The Purple Avenger to Tom, after Dirk shuts down again

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