Ahab, King of Amber

Trump of Ahab, 3rd 

At the beginning of the game, Ahab was about 45, absolute, though age has little meaning for those of Amber. He was tall but not gargantuan, perhaps about 6'4", and solidly built. His face was sculpted out of planes, and softened into curves only rarely: around the mouth, when he smiled or laughed, and about the eyes, whenever his emotions were near the surface. He typically wore an expression of disdain, as if whatever he contemplated disappointed him greatly. The only chinks in this kinesthetic armor were his eyes, which were the deep green of the sea after a storm and, if one knew how to look, reflected far more than the scene presented.

He dressed in the formal styles of Earth's 17th and 18th centuries, with cape, shirt, vest, sash, sword belt, blousy pants, and knee boots. The effect, to those not accustomed to such, was rather grand, although some of Amber's folk found it pretentious. His colors were blues, usually blues so dark as to be almost black, but when the mood struck him, he might lighten them as far as sky blue. His costumes were detailed in reds and blacks, and were done in shades rather than monotones. His symbol, which he wore on his cape's chain and other metal surfaces, was a black flag on a lone green hill, set against a dusk-blue sky.

Trump of Ahab, 1st 

By preference, Ahab always carried a weapon, both to defend himself and to remind himself of the dangers that beset any Amberite. On formal occasions, his weapon might be merely a stiletto in a wrist-sheath; if he expected danger, he wore his broadsword, Morglyph. Like all of his clothing, Morglyph was not ostentatious, but its edge was unbelievably sharp, and it had the power to mold Shadow, so that there were few things in Amber, and none in Shadow, that could resist its bite.

As his name suggests, Ahab's chief virtue and vice was his pride. He took being a Duke of Amber very seriously, and though he craved respect, he typically avoided the Shadows, preferring to win what he could in Amber. He was also distressingly aware that whatever his potential, he was perilously young for an Amberite, and so initially avoided becoming involved in intrigue. But his generation numbered others whom he might be a match for, and Ahab was not above clashing with them, if it served his interests. To the older generations, Ahab said little; but he was far from happy in the subordinate role, and Ahab had his plans.

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