The Cast of Player Characters from "Outrageous Fortune"

Current Player Characters

Alexus Nickolai Barimen (also known as Nikolai Alexi and Mikhail): Prince of Amber, former Chaos ambassador to Amber, son of Delwin and Lucretia, Teresa's twin brother, lover of Mebd and Caitt, betrothed to Cordelia Feldane until her death, married to Jasmine, possessor of one of the Spikards, and all-around sneaky guy. Alex is about 5'6" tall and of average weight, with black hair and completely gray eyes. He dresses rather like the Gray Mouser, mostly nondescript, in black and gray leathers, with the occasional addition of a cloak. While he was visiting the Discworld, he picked up two mental hitchhikers named Reeshau and Rashan. Reeshau was a rather harmless wizard, but Rashan was very dangerous. Fortunately, Alex was usually the dominant one, although Reeshau and Rashan occasionally managed to get control. Walking the Pattern in Tir-na Nog'th permanently fused them in Alex's mind, along with fusing his Spikard to his body. Unfortunately, this also gave him Chaos cancer in his right hand. In order to keep it from spreading, he was forced to have the hand amputated. While he was unconscious from the surgery, Teresa stole his Spikard to replace the one she had lost to the faeries. Alex eventually stole the hand of the deceased Head of House Hendrake from Whimsy to use as a replacement for his own, and now has possession of his Spikard again. After House Feldane was wiped out, he was given possession of their estate, including their vast library. Several campuses of the Unified University now exist on the estate, but some parts of the library remain off limits to all but Alex. Along the way, Alex finally managed to get rid of Rashan, but Reeshau continues to emerge from time to time. Alex is played by Matt Spielman.

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Alexandra Alexandra Helgram: Duchess of Amber, daughter of Suhuy and Fiona, younger half sister of Laughter, older sister of Whimsy, ex-wife of Jack o' the Willows, mother of Arawn, Pwyll and Lethe. She has blue-gray eyes and a very odd hair color. Although it is mostly silver, there is a streak of black on one side and a streak of red on the other. She was seduced by Jack and married him more to spite her sister Whimsy, who also wanted him, than anything else. The fact that he happened to be the Avatar of Faerie didn't hurt either. Once Jack revealed that he was no longer an Avatar, she promptly divorced him. She is played by Sean Frost.

Trump thumbnail of Ariana Ariana Vetch (also known as Mercedes): Duchess of Amber, Lady of House Vetch, daughter of Zane and Mirelle, older half sister of Devlin, married to Lucien, mother of Jalana, Morgan, Ana, Briana, Grayson, Bryan and Dorian, adoptive mother of Shannon and Vincent, grandmother of Adrian, Jasper, Nigel and Tristan, wielder of Alastor. Ariana is 5'4" tall and curvy, with bright green eyes and long brown hair that reaches to her knees. Raped by Brand, she was then trapped by Jack o' the Willows in the body of Loryn, while the child she was carrying in her real body was sold to House Eireg in Chaos. Although less than a week passed in Amber before she was able to get her son back, he had already aged 60 years, a fact that she had great difficulty coming to terms with. She was the driving force behind the creation of the hospital in Amber city. Her symbol is a white rose, and her colors are blue, white and green. She is played by Kris Fazzari.

Trump thumbnail of Felix Felix Barimen: Duke of Amber, son of Gérard and Isabeux, older brother of Vivienne and Gideon, married to Tamaryn, father of Foster, Crispin and Donal, grandfather of Haris, Iseult and Elspeth, guardian of Rose Loretto, former guardian of Christopher, Clare and Philipe Loretto, perpetually confused strong man of his generation. Felix is 6' tall and solidly built, with thick arms and legs, a barrel chest and a solid, square chin. He has wavy, shoulder length auburn hair and mismatched eyes that rage from blue to green. His symbol is the Irish harp, and his colors are emerald green and royal blue. He is played by Liam Hoekenga.

Gavin Rave: Father of Jessica, very little in known about him or who his parents are, although it is believed that he is Quin's son. Gavin is about 5'10" tall and about 180 lbs., with a medium athletic build, short, spiky blond hair and blue eyes (formerly purple). He had a sentient cat companion named Angel, who was eventually revealed to be an Unseelie faerie in disguise and returned to her homeland. Gavin was left a book of spells by Brand, which he foolishly tried to use. This error in judgment turned him into a living gate to the Abyss, much to everyone's dismay. He owns Gray Angel Trading, which has a near monopoly on shipping and warehousing in Amber. His symbol is a nude winged female angel, and his colors are silver and dark gray. He is played by George Rabick.

Trump thumbnail of Ishmael Ishmael Hendrake: Prince of Amber, Heir to House Hendrake, son of Luther and Deirdre, younger half brother of Ahab, married to Madeleine, father of Duncan, Daffyd, Clare, Finn and Reese, guardian of Justina and Virgil William, former guardian of Harold Chantris; Lucia, Leonora, Lily and Kees Solon; Bride Tullia; and Summer Vetch, wielder of Morquan. Ishmael is 6' tall and well-muscled, with short, dark, spiky hair and intense green eyes. Born in Chaos shortly after Deirdre was trapped there by the rift that separates Amber from Chaos, he passed nearly 100 years there before being rescued. He is one of the select few who knows how to create Takaran metal. His symbol is a panther, and his colors are deep green and gold. He is played by Lisamarie Babik.

Trump thumbnail of Whimsy Whimsy Helgram (also known as Dahlia): Duchess of Amber, former Chief Justicar of Amber, daughter of Suhuy and Fiona, younger half sister of Laughter, younger sister of Alexandra, married to Edwin, mother of Thorn, Castor and Pollux. Whimsy is just under 6' tall and bony, with stringy red hair on which she wears a tarnished silver headband. She was born while Fiona was trapped in Chaos, and passed nearly 100 years there before being rescued. Her harsh life there, including her rape at the hands of a man she thought was her husband, Edwin, and the stillbirth of her son, Thorn, has made her grim and determined, far from the whimsical nature that her name implies. In revenge for what she believed Edwin had done to her, she sought him out and slaughtered him, leaving his remains behind in one of the Jesby meat lockers. After her rescue from Chaos, she immersed herself in the study of the laws of Amber and Chaos, becoming a noted expert in the field. Upon learning that Edwin still lived, Whimsy asked for and was granted a divorce from him. Several years later, however, as recompense for killing Wesley, Edwin's twin brother, Whimsy was forced to agree to remarry Edwin and provide him with an heir. Ironically, it turns out that it was Wesley, not Edwin, who raped her, so she killed the right man after all. Whimsy recently walked the Pattern while carrying Silverstone, Benedict's Faerie Ward. The Ward was absorbed into her body in the process, turning her into a living Faerie Ward. Her symbol is a set of scales, and her colors are crimson and cream. She is played by Matthew Richardson.

Former Player Characters

SkullTrump thumbnail of AhabAhab Barimen (deceased): King of Amber, son of Corwin and Deirdre, older half brother of Meander, Arthur, Merlin and Ishmael, married to Kimdyl, father of Nicholas and Nimue, grandfather of Corbin, genetic father of Lyss, genetic grandfather of Darby, Barton and Darwin, wielder of Morglyph, lover of pain, and cynic extraordinaire. Ahab was 6'4" tall and solidly built, with black hair and green eyes. His inbred heritage gave him the ability to command anyone who possessed a Pattern imprint, an ability that only became easier once he attuned himself to the Jewel of Judgment. It was the possibility of such a power developing that had led Oberon to forbid incestuous relationships in the family. Ahab was killed by the Serpent while attempting to retrieve the Jewel of Judgment, which the Serpent had reclaimed. His symbol was a black flag on a lone green hill, set against a dusk-blue sky, and his colors were all shades of blue. He was played by Jason Larke.

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Bart Bartholomew Jesby: Priest of the Unicorn, Duke of Rebma, son of Barnabas and Llewella, half brother of Constance, older half brother of Brinnan and Llewellan, former lover of Florian, engaged to Lyss, father of Barton and Darwin. Bart is 5'6" tall, with green hair, pale yellow eyes, and a greenish tinge to his skin. His symbol is a Portuguese man-of-war, and his colors are orange, green, and purple, in both a light fluorescent and a dark matte. He was played by Sean Frost.

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Heather Heather Sawall: Duchess of Amber, member of House Sawall, former Princess of Chaos, daughter of Brand and a Shadow of Fiona, older half sister of Rinaldo and Grayson, married to Mandor, former lover of Teresa, adoptive mother of Mebd, mother of Emer, Jordan and Meredith. Heather is 5'7" tall, with a curvy physique, strawberry blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Her symbol is the Philosopher's Stone and her colors are lavender and light pink. She was played by Sean Frost.

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Laughter Laughter Barimen (also known as Mairsal and Lavender): Duchess of Amber, former Baroness of Longedge in Bances, Queen of Foil, daughter of Mandor and Fiona, foster daughter of Caitt, older half sister of Emer, Jordan, Meredith, Alexandra and Whimsy, foster sister of Calamus, Elizabeth and Rosemary, married to Foster and Driscoll, adoptive mother of Beauty, mother of Haris, Iseult, Paxon, Isaac and Elspeth, wielder of Sequence, author of the infamous "Laughter logic." She is 5'4" tall, with fair skin, black hair and blue-violet eyes. Born during Patternfall, Fiona gave her to Julian to hide immediately after her birth, fearing that her Chaosite heritage would make her a target. Unfortunately, after Julian exchanged Laughter with another baby in Shadow, he suffered a head injury and forgot where he left her. Fiona was not able to find Laughter until she was grown, a fact she has never let Julian forget. While trying to grow a new Ygg, Laughter's mind was erased by Brand, who was opposed to the project. By walking the Pattern, she was able to restore her memories up to the point where she walked the Pattern for the first time, right after she came to Amber, but unfortunately, this left her with no memory of her husbands or their children. Her memory eventually returned over the course of a decade, but in the intervening time her relationship with her husbands became more distant. Her symbol is an apple tree, and her colors are green, lavender and white. She was played by Merrie Haskell.

Ronan Barimen : Duke of Amber, son of Eric and Meagan of Kirkfaldy, older half brother of Rénard, Sebastian and Prospero, betrothed to Meyrem Karm. Ronan is 6' tall, with sharp features, black flowing hair, a goatee, and green eyes. He was raised in a Shadow called Caledon, ignorant of Amber until he was accidentally discovered by some of Mandor's people. It wasn't until Ronan was brought to Amber that Eric even knew he had a son. After putting together the King's Guard, and getting embroiled in some reformist politics, he was captured by Leto, who turned him into a dog as a means of getting back at Eric. After spending over five years in this state, he was finally returned to Amber, but his mind is still recovering from spending so long as an animal. It is suspected that Leto may have used him as breeding stock while he was her prisoner. He was played by Eric Braun.

Trump thumbnail of ShardShard Barimen: Duke of Amber, son of Julian and God-only-knows-what woman, older half brother of Jewel, father of Brendan, former master of Battlestar (or was that the other way around?). He is 6'2" tall, with bright gray-green eyes and scraggly, shoulder length black hair that he wears with the sides pulled back into a braid. During Dara's rebellion, he was caught in a trap of Dara's which teleported him to a Shadow full of vampires. As you might expect, he wound up a vampire as well. When the Pattern was reactivated, his imprint nearly killed him, and it was only by taking a piece of Ariana's soul that he was able to survive. Because of this, there was a strong link between them, through which Shard was able to sense Ariana's thoughts and feelings, and she occasionally could sense his. They could also communicate over the link, to some extent. The link existed for over 400 years, from his perspective, until Ariana walked the Pattern again. This made her soul whole once more, but the strong attraction between them still remains. He had been ordered by Nicholas to avoid contact with Ariana on pain of death, due to a little incident where he bit Ishmael after Ishmael tried to picture Ariana naked, but they continued to speak to each other discretely, and the order was eventually rescinded. Shard is the founder of the Theatre de la Nuit and his symbol is two theater masks, one happy, one sad. He was played by Marc Bowden.

Usires Barimen: Duke of Amber, son of Caine and some Viking woman, half brother of Jackie and Lethe, wielder of Kvalnir. Usires is a huge man, with red hair and green eyes. He's steadfast, but a bit slow on the uptake. He was played by George Rabick.

Vixen (also known as Tordonia): Daughter of Blake and the werefox, Torene, lover of Eric, mother of Rénard, wielder of Torment, member of House Vetch. Vixen is only 5'2" tall, with yellow-brown eyes, red hair, and sharp features. Due to her inheritance from her mother, she is capable of becoming a fox, although she is not a shapeshifter. She was originally recruited from Shadow by Brand to assassinate Eric, but didn't quite manage to finish him off. Unfortunately for her, she was more successful with her next task, killing Kimdyl, the mother of the King. Because of this, she was sentenced to 100 years of service to the Crown, and to bear a child to replace the life she took, since Kimdyl was pregnant when she died. That child is Rénard. Vixen eventually disappeared from Amber, after supposedly knocking Whimsy unconscious while they were searching for Faerie Wards. In reality, Whimsy turned Vixen into a small figurine of a Japanese fox maid, which she gave to Nicholas as a gift. It stood as a paperweight on his desk for years, until Whimsy came too close to it after absorbing Benedict's Faerie Ward, and accidentally freed Vixen from her imprisonment. The years of immobility appear to have taken their toll, however, and Vixen is currently quite mad. Vixen was played by Jennifer Bowen.

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