A sea horse Lorian's Family

"If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully." -- Khalil Gibran

Immediate Family

Corwin, her father -- Son of Oberon and Faiella

"They have a word for men like him in Rebma, but it isn't one I can use in polite company. Typical male, with his brains in his dick, merrily running around Amber and Shadow, siring kids left and right. And never once did he stay around long enough to even learn that he had a child. Not once. Then he actually acts surprised when he keeps having children pop out of the woodwork. What did you expect, Dad? Didn't they teach you biology when you were a kid? Can you blame me for being somewhat hostile towards a man who never even bothered to see if I existed?"

"For a few brief days, I found myself beginning to have some respect for the man. But then he ran away from the specter of commitment once more, and my respect fled with him."

SkullLlewella, her aunt and former Queen (deceased) -- Daughter of Oberon and Moins

"She taught me almost everything I know about Pattern, Amber, and the way of the world. She was more my mother than Moire, who always seemed to have a convenient excuse to not have me around. And she's a much better Queen. But if all she ever wanted was the throne of Rebma, why does she seem so discontented now that she's attained it?"

"There was a time when I followed her unquestioningly, when I truly believed that she wanted what was best for Rebma. But the idiotic fashion in which she allowed her deal with Bleys to be exposed has put all of that in doubt. She could have jeopardized all of Rebma with her actions. Perhaps Stefan and Arthur were right all along. Perhaps it's time for a new Queen."

"Bitch! To think that I once cared anything for her, or thought that she cared anything for me. She had everything she could have wanted, but it wasn't enough. And in her greed, she nearly destroyed everything I hold dear. Before, I thought it only fitting that she wound up trapped in that hellish place with those she chose to ally herself with. But that was before she attacked Stefan...and cursed me. Now, that isn't nearly punishment enough.

Martin, her nephew and cousin -- son of Random and Morganthë

"Acutely paranoid but naive. Worse, he's paranoid about things he shouldn't be paranoid about. But other than that, he's nice, he's fun to party with, and he knows some great hang-outs in Shadow. It's amazing that Random could actually spawn a decent human being. Obviously, Martin takes after his mother."

"I was right about his paranoia, but wrong about his naiveté. Dead wrong. Maybe he doesn't remember shooting me, because it didn't happen the second time around, but I remember it. And knowing that he would have killed me, one of the few friends he ever had in Amber or Rebma, without even ascertaining if I knew of his plan, much less whether I intended to stop it... I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, after all."

Merlin, her half brother -- Son of Corwin and Dara

"I've never met the man, although I may soon, if his wife has anything to say about it. I certainly wouldn't mind the chance to get to know him. He's the Emperor of Chaos, after all. That's not a bad blood-tie to have. It could come in handy, someday."

"He and Dad resemble each other more than I was expecting. Whether that resemblance goes beyond his outward appearance remains to be seen. He seems nice enough, but doesn't have quite the commanding presence I would expect in the Emperor of Chaos. Perhaps things are different when he is not in Amber."

Moins, her grandmother -- Wife of Merwyn, lover of Oberon

"Of all my immediately family, she's the one I feel closest to. She's been with me most of my life, and she understands me better than anyone. Llewella accuses her of spoiling me, and she's probably right, but at least someone did. I know Mom never really forgave her for having an affair with Oberon, but I wonder sometimes how much choice she had in the matter. Oberon was Oberon, after all. How could one not of the blood refuse him, when even his own children feared him?"

Moire, her mother -- Daughter of Merwyn and Moins

"I should probably feel sorry for her. She was Queen of all Rebma. A position that should have passed on to her children, but couldn't, thanks to the late, unlamented Oberon. So she tries to ensure our birthright, and winds up out of the job herself, and imprisoned to boot. I suppose I do feel for her a bit, but mostly in an abstract sense. How else am I supposed to feel about a woman who seemed more like a distant relative than my mother when I was growing up?"

SkullMorganthë, her half sister (deceased) -- Daughter of Morgan and Moire

"I wish I could have met her. Mom doesn't talk about her much, but I can tell she still misses her. Grandma says she was a lot like me, only softer. And prettier, I'm sure. Pretty enough to catch Random's eye. Lyr, how different things might have been if she hadn't."

Two gold ringsStefan, her primary mate -- Son of Cordelia, foster brother of Torrence

"Was it a political pairing? Of course it was. Do I mind? Hell no! It's a good match. We've known each other for years, we enjoy a lot of the same things, and he's not exactly hard on the eyes. It could have been a hell of a lot worse."

"I'm sorry, love, that you had to endure what you did. I wish I'd been able to better protect you from her. When I thought I was going to loose you...I've never been so angry and afraid in all my life. All I could think was that if your life ended, hers would as well. Maybe that's why she spared you."

"So now you stand before me, so proud of the fact that you've gained the kind of power that my family possesses. That now you can be like them. Didn't you realize that one of the things I loved about you was that you weren't like my family?"

Trump thumbnail of Talia Talia, her half sister -- Daughter of Corwin and Selene Bacquillinor

"Doormat of Amber, or so I've heard. It's hard to say what member of the family hasn't used her, in one way or another. Why does she put up with it? Before meeting her, I'd have guessed she's just weak. And maybe she was, when she first came to Amber. But I'm not so sure that she is anymore. There's something cold about her. Dad killed her husband, and her only complaint was that she wasn't done using the man yet. Brrrr... It makes you wonder if she isn't still crazy."

"I have seen little of her since Arthur's coronation, save for my brief stay on Gérard's ship where we spoke as two strangers might, not two siblings. But then, that's what we are to each other - strangers. Given that we cannot seem to comprehend each other, that is probably for the best."

Trump thumbnail of Torrence Torrence, her half brother -- Son of Eric and Moire

"Well, now I've finally met him, but I'm still not sure what to make of him. Despite what Mom says about his relaxed attitude, I don't think he's nearly as uninterested in power as he pretends."

"My brother, what could you have been thinking? To leave before acknowledging Arthur in some fashion...even Caine was not so foolish."

"Well, you managed to bring Eric back to life. Congratulations. But if you are hoping he will make another try for the throne, you may have a bit of a surprise coming."

"I never wanted to see anybody die, but there are a few obituary notices I have read with pleasure." -- Clarence Darrow

Removed Family

Bleys, her uncle -- Son of Oberon and Clarissa

"For killing Random, you have my thanks. For destroying the Clytemnestra, you have my ire. All in all, I think I'd prefer to just stay out of your way, right now."

Caine, her uncle -- Son of Oberon and Rilga

"I like him the best of all of my uncles, even if Mom has never forgiven him for stabbing Torrence. He's got a real wicked sense of humor, and taught me all I know about sailing, knife fighting, and cheating at cards. Sure, he'll stab you in the back if it's for the good of Amber, but in this family that's hardly a mark against him."

Trump thumbnail of Chadwick Chadwick, her cousin -- Son of Chadwick Moore II and Flora

"What a strange little man he is. Not to mention rude. Had I not been told that he is Flora's son, I never would have imagined it. Perhaps the bullet Random shot into his head destroyed the part of his brain where he kept his manners."

Trump thumbnail of Dana Dana, her cousin -- Daughter of Gnaeus and Deirdre

"A perfect example of the danger of sleeping with Amberites, as if Mother's life wasn't enough of one. Already she's slept with both Jaysen and Caine, and Caine seems annoyed that she's moved on. Not to mention that he made her the figurehead on his flagship. How embarrassing. It's hard enough to get surface males to take a woman seriously, without something like that hanging over your head."

Fiona, her aunt -- Daughter of Oberon and Clarissa

"To say she's hard to read would be an understatement. There's just something about her that makes people nervous. But ever since I died, I've found her somehow less disturbing than I used to. And that's the most disturbing thing of all."

Gérard, her uncle -- Son of Oberon and Rilga

"If the family has a black sheep, it's definitely Uncle Gérard. He's friendly and treats everyone with compassion - not your standard family traits. I've often wondered how he's managed to keep that attitude intact after living so long in Amber."

Isabella, her former sister-in-law

"Beautiful, intelligent, flawless in her etiquette, she seems almost too perfect to be real. Rumor has it that she was bred especially to be Merlin's Empress. A fascinating thought, if true. If you can breed the spouse of the ruler, why not breed the ruler herself?"

Trump thumbnail of Jaysen Jaysen, her cousin -- Son of Eric and Lenore

"He's surprisingly easy-going, considering that he grew up essentially in prison. A comfortable prison, a whole Shadow in fact, but a prison nonetheless. In all the time I've known him, he's never seemed to hold a grudge about what happened to him, or his father. Then again, maybe he's just a really good actor."

"This isn't over, you bastard. Not by a long shot. You killed my mother, and even if you did bring her back, that's not something I'm likely to forget any time soon."

Trump thumbnail of Katherine SkullKatherine, her great-niece and cousin (deceased) -- Daughter of Konrad and Nicholas

"Although she is no longer a child, she still has some of the mannerisms of one. I'm not sure which is more disturbing, that, or her parentage. I knew Konrad was sick, but I had no idea he would go so far. Poor thing, to be raised with no female influence in her life. No wonder she seems a bit odd."

"Perhaps I should feel some pang at her death, given how short her conscious life was, but mostly I feel a profound sense of relief. She was showing signs of becoming as odd as her father, and he caused more than enough trouble before he died."

Trump thumbnail of Konrad SkullKonrad, her cousin (deceased) -- Son of Karl and Kianne

"I never met the man, if man he can be called. What do you call a freak who changes sexes at will, and even bears children? It is sick, and unnatural, and it makes me ill to think of it. I am glad he died before our paths crossed."

Trump thumbnail of QuynnQuynn, her cousin -- Son of Albrecht and Marian, grandson of Benedict

"I view him with great suspicion, and more than a little anger. He seems to dabble in powers without understanding, or caring, about the ramifications of his actions. I do not know if his recent agreement with Stefan was meant to try and undo some of what he has done, or was simply a way to give himself an ally where he has rather few at the moment. But I think the universe would be a much better place had he simply never been born."

SkullRandom, her uncle (deceased) -- Son of Oberon and Paulette

"I hate the bastard. For what he did to my sister. For what he did to my mother. And especially for the fact that he got away with it. Lyr, they even made him King! Uneasy lies the crown, eh? If I have my way, it will lie very uneasy indeed!"

"He died in anguish, bereft of those he loved, driven into madness. Given the pain he inflicted in his life on my family, I find that extremely satisfying."

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." -- Andre Gide

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