San Diego Zoo: Wild Animal Park

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A bridge

A tiger in the brush

A lizard on the tiger fence

An owl through the fence

A bighorn sheep bears his teeth at me

A California Condor

The landscape of the Wild Animal Park

This is a really good way to keep me on the path

African elephants... spot the baby!

African elephants on parade

The elephants move away

The baby elephant is so tiny!

Here comes the baby elephant!

The baby elephant on his one month birthday

The female indian elephant eats

A lorikeet

A falcon

The Andean Condor

A gorilla doing a yoga pose?

Another gorilla

A crane

A baby rhino

A butterfly on my finger

Me and a butterfly

A butterfly casts a shadow

Three butterflies search for nectar

A blue butterfly

A tanager checks out the butterflies

Two macaws