Dimitra Panagou Assistant Professor at the Aerospace Engineering Department, University of Michigan

Indoors Flight Space: The Distributed Aerospace Systems and Control Laboratory

The Distributed Aerospace Systems and Control Laboratory (B203 FXB Building, Department of Aerospace Engineering) is a 7m x 7m x 9.5 m lab space directed by Dimitra Panagou.

Lab Photo
Lab Photo

The lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art fleet of small UAVs, namely six Hummingbirds and one Firefly from Ascending Technologies, two Solos from 3D Robotics, and a motion capture system (14 VICON cameras) for high precision object tracking. The motion capture system is effective in a volume of 7m x 7m x 5.5m and provides low-latency (2.5 msec) and high accuracy measurements of the vehicles position and attitude. The UAVs are equipped with onboard cameras for stereo vision, IMUs, GPS receivers, wireless communication links. Additionally, a drone LiDAR from Velodyne (Puck 16 Lite) and a range sensor from Leddartech are available in the lab.

Hummingbird Quadrotor
Hummingbird Quadrotor from Ascending Technologies.
3D Robotics Solo
3D Robotics Solo.
Firefly Hexacopter
The Firefly Hexacopter from Ascending Technologies.
Velodyne Drone LiDAR
Velodyne Puke-Lite Drone LiDAR.

Aerial vehicles and sensors available at DASC Lab.

Outdoors Flights Over the Wave Field, North Campus, Ann Arbor

Our group has obtained permission to conduct outdoors flights over the Wave Field (next to the FXB Building, Aerospace Engineering) at North Campus. Here is an example of fully autonomous dynamic coverage of the Wave Field: