Peter Dillery


University of Michigan
Department of Mathematics
530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


Office: 3852 East Hall, Zoom
Office Hours: N/A

About Me: I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics at the Univeristy of Michigan.   I am interested in representation theory and number theory. More specifically, I study the local and global Langlands correspondence. My advisor is Tasho Kaletha. My research was supported in Winter 2020, 2021 by NSF grant DMS-1840234 and is supported in the 2021-2022 academic year by the Rackham pre-doctoral fellowship. I am a helper for the Ypsilanti U(M) Math Corps.

Here is my CV.

Here are my notes from my talk, ``Rigid inner forms over local and global fields" given at Junior Number Theory Days conference at Johns Hopkins.

Research Publications

1. Rigid inner forms over local function fields. Submitted, arXiv preprint (77 pp.).

2. Rigid inner forms over global function fields. arXiv preprint (88 pp.).

3. The canonical join complex for biclosed sets (joint with with A. Clifton and A. Garver)[Research done as undergraduate]. In Algebra Universalis (2018) 79: 84, arXiv preprint (22 pp.).

Current Teaching

Fall 2021: None