Catherine Hausman


"Climate Change is Projected to Have Severe Impacts on the Frequency and Intensity of Peak Electricity Demand across the United States." With Maximilian Auffhammer and Patrick Baylis. 2017. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114(8): 1886-1891.
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"Market Impacts of a Nuclear Power Plant Closure." With Lucas Davis. 2016. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. 8(2): 92-122.
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[A previous version of this paper circulated under the title "The Value of Transmission in Electricity Markets: Evidence from a Nuclear Power Plant Closure."]


"Welfare and Distributional Implications of Shale Gas." With Ryan Kellogg. 2015. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Spring:71-125.
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"Corporate Incentives and Nuclear Safety." 2014. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. 6(3):178-206.
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"Biofuels and Land Use Change: Sugarcane and Soybean Acreage Response in Brazil." 2012. Environmental and Resource Economics. 51(2):163-187.
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"Farm Acreage Shocks and Food Prices: An SVAR Approach to Understanding the Impacts of Biofuels." With Maximilian Auffhammer and Peter Berck. 2012. Environmental and Resource Economics. 53(1):117-136.
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Working Papers


"Price Regulation and Environmental Externalities: Evidence from Methane Leaks." With Lucija Muehlenbachs. NBER Working Paper 22261. Revisions requested, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.
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"Regression Discontinuity in Time: Considerations for Environmental Economists." With David Rapson. NBER Working Paper 23602.
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"Decomposing the Great Trade Collapse: Products, Prices, and Quantities in the 2008-2009 Crisis." With Mona Haddad and Ann Harrison. NBER Working Paper 16253.
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Other Publications


"Power of the Atom." With Lucas Davis. IMF Finance and Development.


"An Anatomy of Trade in the 2008-09 Crisis." With Mona Haddad and Ann Harrison. In Managing Openness: Trade and Outward-Oriented Growth after the Crisis, edited by Mona Haddad and Ben Shepherd. Washington, D.C.: The World Bank.
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