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(Clague 2 6th Grade Boys Baseball Team, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Coach Peter Tainsh)

Season Record: 8-1
Playoff Record: 2-0
Overall: 10-1, the season champions!

Check out a review of the season under The Latest Report. Also check out the new team picture under More Info About the Team. This page is your source for Thunder info!

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The Latest Report:

To see game reports, click on the date the game was played.

The Season Review

Join us as we look back at the Thunder's season

When the Clague 2 Thunder came together for their first practice, they didn't even know that they were called the Thunder or even what color uniforms they'd wear. They didn't know that some players attending that day would end up on other teams, and that they'd pick up some new players as well. And yet something already seemed right. The players were a bit rusty on their skills, and had forgotten some strategy, but something still seemed right. And boy, did it seem right for the rest of the season.

After a couple of practices with Coach Peter Tainsh and Coach Mike Hurley, the Thunder were ready for their first game. It was on June 20, against a team comprised of players from Scarlett, Tappan, and Pattengill. Clague burst out in front early. They had confidence throughout the rest of the game. And they won on a ten-run mercy rule.

The Thunder may have picked up some confidence there, but no one could have predicted that they would find themselves trailing Slauson-2 12-0 early in their second game on June 22. It came as a shock to the Thunder, but they did something about. When they saw that Slauson had begun to slack off, they took advantage of it, scoring thirteen straight to take the lead. Thinking that the game was over because of a shortage of time, the Thunder rejoiced. But they returned to the field, only to score six more and then have the game called.

On June 27, the Thunder played another Slauson team, Slauson 1. Being the away team didn't seem to make a difference. The Thunder slowly trickled their way to a ten to nothing victory off a ten run mercy.

It wouldn't be so easy for the Thunder later. In their first game in the seventh month of the year, July 9, they faced Steiner/Slauson. It was gloomy and rainy, and the Thunder only had ten players. It was 4-3 until the sixth, with the Thunder in front. Then, two players got hit with pitches, and, party because of that and partly because of their newfound invigoration, the Thunder scored five that inning. The Thunder retained the lead for the rest of the game, and slipped away with the win. But Steiner/Slauson would cause them some trouble later.

Meanwhile, the Thunder were off and running. On July 11, they whipped past Forsythe/Haisley, allowing some runs, but scoring big time in the process.

Although the Thunder beat Tappan 1 by a larger margin than Forsythe/Haisley, it appeared that the Cubs posed more of a threat. The Thunder, who had taken advantage of stealing throughout the season, didn't allow Tappan to do the same, throwing them out several times. Clague scored thirteen runs, and gave up seven on that July 13 game.

The Thunder, the Clague 2 team, then played the Bulls, the Clague 1 team. The Thunder just managed to squeeze by, claiming the current first place spot. The game report from July 18 says that the Thunder were now uncontested, but, as was found out later, the playoff games did count in the regular season standings. The game was close, so read the game report to see exactly what happened.

The Thunder had much less trouble on July 20. They demolished Forsythe/MYA, 22-6, off a ten-run mercy. At the same time, the Thunder exercised their pitchers for a rematch against Steiner/Slauson.

But the exercising wasn't enough to make the Thunder victorious. On July 23, Steiner/Slauson jumped out into the lead early. The Thunder pulled to within one, but never came closer. Clague experienced their first loss of the season, 9-5.

The next game was a playoff game, held on July 27. The Thunder played Steiner/Slauson for the third time that season. Steiner/Slauson had the lead 6-5 about midway into the game, but the Thunder, full of fury, blasted in thirteen more runs by the time the game was over. And in fact, the game was called due to a shortage of time. The final score: 18-9.

Even with a record of 9-1, it still wasn't good enough for a first place victory. The Thunder faced the Clague 1 Bulls on July 30, in their final game of the season. If the Thunder lost, they would have to hope the Bulls lost against Steiner/Slauson in their final game. If they won, it would be a glorious victory. The Bulls jumped out early, scoring seven in the first. But the Thunder miraculously tied things up in the second. A one-run lead in the third kept the Thunder in front until the fifth, when the Bulls scored three. The Thunder tied things up again, making it 12-12 after five. The Bulls inched back into the lead with a run in the sixth, but were held scoreless in the seventh. Down by a run with two outs in the final half inning, Scott Linn stepped to the plate. The tying run was on third, the winner on first. The Thunder were tense, and they couldn't say a word. Thirty seconds later, they were yelling and screaming for joy. It was a home run by Scott Linn. The Thunder had won, 14-13. They were the season champs. They were the team that almost couldn't be beaten. They were, indeed, the number one team.

So like I said, when the players on the Thunder came together for the first time at practice, something already seemed right….

-Jonathan Ellis

Below are average scores per inning for the Thunder and their opponents, and the average difference in scoring per inning.

The Thunder's most productive inning was the second, but they scored the most runs in contrast to their opponents in the sixth. On average, the Thunder scored 6.2 more runs than their opponents per game. In winning games, they scored 7.2 more runs than their opponents, on average. In their single loss, they lost by four runs.

123 45*6* 7**TOTAL
Clague1.63.3 2.71.512.8
Difference0.21.5 2.4NA6.2

Averages are rounded to the nearest tenth.

*Some innings were not included in averages, because they were not played in their entirety due to a shortage of time or a mercy rule.
** Some innings were not included in averages, because they were not played in their entirety due to a shortage of time or a mercy rule. However, games where only the top half of the last inning was played are included in the statistics for that half, but not for the bottom half.


1996 Extended Schedule

This schedule includes games that were added to the schedule after the season began.

DateOpponent W/L/T
June 20Scarlett/Tappan/Pattengill W, 10-0 (Ten-Run Mercy)
June 22Slauson 2 W, 19-12 (Shortage Of Time)
June 27Slauson 1 W, 10-0 (Ten-Run Mercy)
July 9Steiner/Slauson W, 9-3
July 11Forsythe/Haisley W, 14-9
July 13Tappan 1 W, 13-7
July 18Clague 1 W, 7-5
July 20Forsythe/MYA W, 22-6 (Ten-Run Mercy)
July 23Steiner/Slauson L, 9-5
July 25Playoff Game NOT APPLICABLE
July 27PG Steiner/Slauson (2nd place) W, 18-9 (Shortage Of Time)
Series vs. S/S: Clague 2, 2-1
July 30PG Clague 1 (3rd place) W, 14-13
Series vs. C1: Clague 2, 2-0

Bold Type indicates a game where Clague 2 was the home team.

Italics indicate a playoff game. Playoff opponents were decided on the basis of where teams finished in the standings.


FOR: 12.8



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We'll always bring you updates on the Clague 2 team: the Clague Thunder!
Clague Thunder team picture]

Top row from left: Coach Mike Hurley (partly hidden), Coach Peter Tainsh (partly hidden).
Middle row from left: Daniel Schiff, Luke Rajlich, Alexander Wilson, Charlie Carver, Matt Daniels, Scott Linn, Jonathan Ellis.
Bottom row from left: Pete Tainsh, Isaac Hurley, Joey Gasiorek, Joel Abramson.
Not pictured: Danny Chun, Nabil Daoud, Andrew Little, Danny Monts, Adam Was.

©1996. Photo credit: Susan Goldstein, NYC.

The Clague 2 team is called the Clague Thunder. This is so because their hats have the logo of the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball team on them. Visit the Trenton Thunder homepage here. The logos used on this page are from the Trenton Thunder, from the homepage.
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Information from: Ann Arbor Public Schools Community Education & Recreation, 1996 Boys Sixth Grade Baseball - League 9 Schedule, Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday Division (WP\YOUTH\BASEBALL\SCHED.14). Information Valid as of 6/19/96. Schedule is subject to change.

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The Tournament Briefing

On August 2, 1996, The Clague Thunder lost in the first round of play of the M.R.P.A. Class G Baseball Tournament. Their opponent was Monroe, who defeated them 17-0 off a ten-run mercy. The tournament was single elimination. To see how the Thunder fared against the Monroe champs, see the game report.
The semifinals and final were played on August 3. M.R.P.A. stands for Michigan Recreation and Parks Association.


Previous Game Reports:

June 20, 1996: W, 10-0 (Ten-Run Mercy)

Thunder rumble into season with a win-Clague 2 puts S/T/P to their mercy, literally: The Clague 2 Team, the Clague Thunder, won their season opener against a team comprised of players from the schools Scarlett, Tappan, and Pattengill. The Thunder got off to a big boost in the first, scoring four runs and taking control of the game. They never looked back. The Thunder scored one run in the second, third, and fourth innings. Meanwhile, S/T/P was held scoreless. In the bottom of the fifth, Clague 2 scored three more runs to boost their total to ten. In the REC & ED league, if one team is leading by ten or more runs after four innings, they automatically win the game on a ten run mercy. And that's exactly what happened. Clague 2 got out of the game without even playing the final two innings. One reason the Thunder won could be that S/T/P's first practice was only one hour before the game. Another reason could be that the Thunder have lots of skill.

June 22, 1996: W, 19-2 (Shortage of Time)

Amazing Comeback!-Thunder never give up and score nineteen straight: The Thunder were in for a big challenge when they faced Slauson 2. In the top of the first, Slauson scored six runs. The Thunder were held scoreless in the bottom half of the inning. In the next inning, Slauson scored six more runs to make the score 12-0. Everything was looking glum for the Thunder. In the bottom of the second, the Thunder scored a run, boosting their morale a little. In the third inning, Thunder pitcher Charlie Carver got the team on track and held Slauson scoreless. Clague then scored two runs to make the score 12-3. In the fourth, pitcher Adam Was did an excellent job, again holding Slauson scoreless. Clague then scored three times, boosting their score to six. The team began to get back into the game. Was again shut out Slauson in the fifth, and the Thunder scored six more runs. Big hits by Matt Daniels and Scott Linn contributed to the scoring. The score was tied twelve apiece. Clague knew that they couldn't let up any more runs. So they turned to pitcher Alexander Wilson. Wilson, who had already played two other games the same day, held Slauson scoreless. In the bottom of the sixth, players heard that the game may be called short due to time. With the bases loaded, Jonathan Ellis was forced out at home plate. Then, on the next play, Charlie Carver managed to scramble to home while the pitcher fumbled with the ball. Clague immediately rejoiced, thinking the game was over. However, there were still several minutes to play, and the teams had to return to the field. But Clague scored six more runs that inning, with blasts by Andrew Little and Was, among others. Clague was then held short on a seven-run mercy rule (only seven runs can be scored in an inning). By that time, it was too late to go to the seventh and final inning, and Clague won the game, 19-12. Fans cheered and the mothers of the players even sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

June 27, 1996: W, 10-0 (Ten-Run Mercy)

Thunder blast another Slauson team-Clague 2 has never played a complete game this season: Yet another team has fallen to the Clague Thunder. The Thunder, who had defeated Slauson 2 in their last game, finished off Slauson 1 in six innings. The teams held each other scoreless in the first, with Adam Was pitching well for the Thunder. In the top of the second, the Thunder scored three to put them on the board. Was again held Slauson scoreless that inning. Both teams got each other out 1-2-3 in the third, but in the fourth, Clague scored three more. Scott Linn then shut out Slauson in the bottom of the inning. In the fifth, Peter Tainsh hit a triple with the bases loaded to boost the score to 9-0. Alex Wilson was sent in to pitch and shut down Slauson once again. In the top of the sixth, Clague scored one to make it a ten run lead. Wilson then finished off Slauson and the Thunder won on a ten-run mercy. The Thunder advanced their record to 3-0, and they are looking good for the rest of the season.

July 9, 1996: W, 9-3

Clague keeps undefeated record alive-Thunder manage win despite small roster, rain, and injuries: The Thunder faced a tough opponent in their game on July 9. Steiner/Slauson had played two more games than Clague had, and they too had an undefeated record. Plus, Clague only had ten players attending the game. Adam Was started at pitcher for the Thunder, and held S/S scoreless in the first. The Thunder then drew first blood by blasting in two runs in the bottom of the inning. In the second, S/S answered back, tying the game. The Thunder were then held scoreless in the bottom of the second. In the third, S/S put the pressure on Clague by scoring a run to take the lead. But the Thunder answered back, scoring two. For a while in that inning, the game was suspended due to rain. But it cleared up, and Alexander Wilson was sent in to pitch in the fourth. He pitched a scoreless inning.. Both teams went scoreless until the bottom of the sixth. Jonathan Ellis, the first hitter in the inning, was hit in the hand by a very fast pitch, and took his base. The pitcher continued to speed balls past the plate, but on his second pitch to Daniel Schiff, he hit him in the back of his shoulder. Schiff went down, and the entire team came over, fearing that he had been hit in the spine. Schiff eventually got up, and play continued. Charlie Carver was sent in to run for Schiff. With a new pitcher, Ellis made a risky steal to third, and then, with the bases loaded, was walked home. Matt Daniels then cleared the bases with a smash off the second baseman's glove. S/S finally got out of the inning, but the score was 9-3. Wilson then shut down S/S in the seventh, and Steiner/Slauson experienced their first loss of the season. With two injured players and everyone else soaking wet, the Thunder picked up their fourth victory.

July 11, 1996: W, 14-9

Thunder pick up mid-season victory-Clague 2 whips Warthogs, exercises pitchers: The Clague Thunder have rocketed through half the season without a loss, and they proved what they were worth against the Forsythe/Haisley Warthogs. Adam Was pitched the first inning for the Thunder, holding F/H scoreless. Matt Daniels' triple helped the Thunder score three runs in the first. F/H came back and brought in one run, but Clague took command, scoring four in the bottom of the second led by a homer by Scott Linn. F/H narrowed the gap to three in the top of the third. But the Thunder blasted in five runs in the bottom of the inning, making it 12-4. Matt Daniels hit another triple in that inning. He would go on to take a base on balls and hit a single later in the game. Scott Linn shut down the Warthogs in the fourth, and the Thunder blasted in another run. Meanwhile, Clague was rotating pitchers to let each go on the mound for at least an inning. F/H scored two in the fifth, but Clague countered with a home run by Alexander Wilson. F/H scored two more in the sixth, and Clague was held scoreless. The Warthogs were able to score one more in the seventh, but that was it as Wilson wrapped things up. The Thunder now advance to the second half of their schedule, and are still looking strong.

July 13, 1996: W, 13-7

Tappan down the tubes-Clague squeezes away from team with lots of talent: The Clague Thunder have overcome one of their biggest challenges of the season. Tappan is a large school, so they usually end up with a talented team. But the Thunder proved they have the winning edge. Danny Monts, the third batter in the lineup, blasted in a three-run homer to get things going quickly. The Tappan Cubs got out 1-2-3 in the bottom of the first. Clague then punched in two more in the second, but Tappan brought in three runs in that inning. Both teams went scoreless in the third. After that, the game was suspended due to rain. The weather eventually cleared up, and with a runner on first in the top of the fourth, Alexander Wilson smashed a two-run home run. The Thunder then scored two more in that same inning.. But in the bottom of the fourth, Tappan scored one to make it 9-4. The teams went scoreless in the fifth, but Clague scored two in the top of the sixth. In the bottom of the sixth, Alexander Wilson shut out the Cubs. In the seventh, Clague scored two runs again, and it was 13-4. The Thunder then managed to squeeze out of the final half inning, allowing three runs in the process. The final score: 13-7. Game highlights included Clague catchers throwing out Tappan runners attempting to steal four times. For the Clague 2 team, one thing still looms over glorious victory: the big rivalry against Clague 1 on Thursday.

July 18, 1996: W, 7-5

NUMBER ONE!-Thunder take Bulls by storm: You could hear many words spoken by the Thunder after the game, but most of them were "Yes!" and "All right!". The Thunder are now the only undefeated team in the league, but we'll talk about that later. First, let's see how they earned that position.

It was the two Clague teams, and for that matter, the two undefeated teams, battling each other for first place. Each team had lots of skill, and could pound in run after run. The teams had experience, the teams were hard as rock. But they held each other scoreless in the first. In the top of the second, however, the Thunder (Clague 2) scored four. No big blasts, no amazing plays, just down-to-earth runs. The Bulls, on the other hand, scored one in that inning -- a double with a man on second. No big blasts, no amazing plays. It was down-to-earth playing, and the score was 4-1. It stayed that way until the fourth, when Alexander Wilson hit a triple with a runner on first. 5-1. It seemed to be that way forever. But sitting in the crowd, not playing because of an upset stomach, I knew that something big would happen for the Bulls. And it did. In the bottom of the fifth, they retaliated big time, scoring four. It was all tied up. But the Thunder didn't keep it that way for long. With one out in the top of the sixth, Danny Monts hit a sacrifice fly. But the Thunder would take that sacrifice any day, as Danny Chun came in to home plate, and it was 6-5. Then Luke Rajlich scored. 7-5. It was a tense time for both teams. But Wilson stopped the Bulls dead in their tracks in the bottom of the sixth, getting them out 1-2-3. In the top of the seventh, the Thunder were held scoreless. And Wilson kept going. In the bottom of the seventh, the final inning, he struck out the first batter. Then with a runner on second and the tying run at the plate, he again struck their batter out. Next batter. Count 2-2. Two outs. The pitch on its way. It's popped up, heading foul past the third base line. Joey Gasiorek comes over. The crowd is silent. There's not a sound in the air. Then, whumph. It's in Gasiorek's glove. It stays there. The batter is out. The Thunder win. "Yes!" "All right!" come the cheers.

The Thunder are now the only undefeated team in the league. They are seven and zero, with two games left in the season. They're looking good to win it all. And, oh yeah. Some of you requested a "play of the game." I think you know which one it is. It took me twelve sentences to describe it (some of them incomplete, alas).

July 20, 1996: W, 22-6 (Ten-Run Mercy)

Thunder devour A's, win clincher-Clague gets chance to warm up pitchers for Tuesday: The Clague Thunder appear to have won the season, with a record of 8-0 with one game left. The Clague Bulls were 5-1-1 at last check, and Steiner/Slauson has had at least one loss and one tie. Even if the Bulls win their next game, they will still be 6-1-1, two wins short of the Thunder. S/S is at most 6-1-1. Tuesday's game will be a rematch between the Thunder and S/S. Even if the Thunder lose, they will be 8-1, and S/S will be at most 7-1-1. Those statistics make it appear that the Thunder have clinched the season, but nothing has been confirmed with REC & ED yet. But now let's see how the Thunder got from 7-0 to 8-0.

It was the Clague Thunder against the Forsythe/MYA Athletics. Jonathan Ellis, the first batter in the game, came in to score off a bases-loaded walk. Then Charlie Carver hit a triple with the bases loaded, and after that, he came in to score. The score after half an inning: 5-0. Meanwhile, the Thunder knew that this would be a fairly easy game for them, and also knew that they would have to exercise their pitchers. The reason for this was that only four pitchers will be present on Tuesday's showdown against S/S: Luke Rajlich, Scott Linn, Joey Gasiorek, and Adam Was. Rajlich pitched excellently, and didn't allow any runs in the first. In the top of the second, the Thunder blasted in seven, with a Carver home run contributing to that total. Nabil Daoud also hit a "home run," but seven had already been scored, and the inning was called due to a mercy. Daoud's homer didn't count. Then Rajlich again shut down the A's. The score after two: 12-0. The Thunder were held scoreless in the third, and the A's then punched in four. A Thunder run in the fourth made it 13-4, and then Linn held the A's scoreless. Matt Daniels hit a home run in the fifth, and the Thunder scored two that inning. But on the other end, the A's brought in two as well. The score:15-6. In the sixth, the Thunder scored seven more, and the inning was called short again. Then Gasiorek shut down the A's. With the score 22-6, the game was called on a ten run mercy. Isaac Hurley also hit a triple in the game. Was did not need practice before Tuesday. The Thunder appear to have clinched the season. The big question is: will they remain undefeated?

July 23, 1996: L, 9-5

Oh, so close!-Thunder lose final game of regular season, drop to 8-1: Despite a valiant effort by Scott Linn with 2 home runs and five RBIs, the Clague Thunder lost to Steiner/Slauson. A passerby, not a parent, but a passerby, said, and I quote, "Man, those umps are bad!" Bad, and biased or not, the umpires watched as S/S scored nine, and Clague only scored five.

But nevertheless, the Thunder are headed to Bridgeport, Michigan for the M.R.P.A. Class G Baseball Tournament. There, they will try to prove that they are the best in the state, and they'll also try to get rid of the resume stain they just received. For more information on the tournament, see the section "The Tournament Schedule and Briefing." Now let's see how they picked up that loss, their first (and last) of the regular season.

S/S led things off with a run in the top of the first. Clague could not counter. It was still looking good for the Thunder until S/S scored three more in the second. But Scott Linn hit a three-run homer to pull the Thunder within one. Neither team scored in the third, this time with Linn on the mound. In the fourth, however, S/S practically sealed the game, scoring four to make it 8-3. Neither team could score for the fifth or sixth innings, with Adam Was pitching well. In the seventh, S/S brought in another run to make it 9-3. The Thunder knew that they probably wouldn't win, but they went down trying. Scott Linn hit yet another home run with Adam Was on first, pinch running for Joel Abramson. Abramson had been hit by a thrown ball from the second baseman after a fly ball had been caught. Linn's homer made it 9-5, but the Thunder could do no more. The final score: 9-5. Still, the Thunder have more to think about, although the regular season is over. They will rematch Clague 1 and S/S in playoff games (although they will not determine anything). And then, it's off to Bridgeport!

July 27, 1996: W, 18-9 (Shortage of Time)

Thunder win first playoff game-Clague defeats Steiner/Slauson by largest margin yet: In their second straight game against Steiner/Slauson, and their third game against them this year, the Thunder were victorious for the second time out of three. In a 12:45 PM scorcher, the Thunder drew first blood in the top of the first, scoring one run. But the S/S Warthogs bounced back and scored one in the bottom of that inning. The Thunder then jumped out to a 5-1 lead in the second, but that lead was diminished by the Warthogs when they scored five in their half of the inning. The score after two: S/S, 6-5. The Thunder wouldn't give up. They blasted in five runs in the third and then Scott Linn held S/S scoreless. Both teams scored three runs in the fourth. In the fifth, Matt Daniels and Isaac Hurley both hit homers, and the Thunder came out of the inning with five runs. Alexander Wilson finished off the Warthogs in the bottom of the fifth, with Jonathan Ellis assisting on a final out snag. The game was called due to a shortage of time. The final score: the Thunder 18, the Warthogs 9. The Thunder will play their next playoff game on Tuesday.

July 30, 1996: W, 14-13

Uncontested!-Nail biter comeback makes Thunder league champs: The Clague 2 Thunder are now the uncontested league champions, with an overall record of 10-1. Clague 1 (7-2-1) and Steiner/Slauson (7-2-1) have no chance of coming out on top, because both teams have one game left- against each other. The Thunder are also going to Bridgeport, Michigan for the state championships. Coach Peter Tainsh said before last night's game, "If we lose…we will just be known as the team who went to Bridgeport…but not the league champions." Now the Thunder are the league champions. Defeating Clague 1, the Thunder's last game was phenomenal. But it was also very close.

The Clague 1 Bulls got off to a big start, scoring seven in the top of the first. They could have scored more, but they were held back on a seven-run mercy. In the bottom of that inning, the Thunder were shut out. Joey Gasiorek didn't let up any runs in the second while on the mound. The Thunder then tied the game, also on a seven-run mercy. A Scott Linn home run contributed to the scoring. In the third, Linn pitched well on the mound, shutting down the Bulls. The Thunder then squeezed into the lead with a run in the bottom of the third. The score after three: 8-7. In the fourth, both teams scored two runs, and the Thunder remained in front. In the top of the fifth, the Bulls scored three. Down by two, the Thunder tied the game in the bottom half of the inning. The score after five: 12-12. In the sixth, the Bulls scored another run. The Thunder knew they would have to score in the bottom of the inning, but they didn't. Luckily, they were able to hold out in the seventh, not letting in any runs. In the final half inning, the Thunder were down, 13-12. With two outs, Scott Linn stepped to the plate. The tying run was on third, the winning run was on first. Linn hit a great drive to right field. It went past the fielder, and the center fielder had to retrieve the ball. The tying run was in, and then the winning run came in. Linn also crossed the plate. It was a home run from Linn, just when the Thunder needed it. Linn's run didn't count, of course, because the Thunder had already won. The final score: 14-13, the Thunder. They now move on to Bridgeport after a satisfying season.

Game notes: With four pitchers, and lacking Alexander Wilson, the Thunder were still able to pull through. Wilson will be able to play in the tournament, and Adam Was will be available on August third, if the Thunder should advance.

With two home runs including the game winner, Scott Linn deserves the Player of the Game. But the entire team contributed to the victory.

M.R.P.A. Tournament: August 2, 1996: L, 17-0 (Ten-Run Mercy)

Power Outage-Thunder come up with nothing in state championship: In a battle in Bridgeport, the Thunder, indeed, had a power outage. Representing Ann Arbor, a city where baseball is not, most of the time, a prominent sport, the Clague team had little chance of a victory. It didn't seem that way when both teams were doing well in the warm ups, but when Monroe players stepped up to the plate, things turned disastrous.

In a first inning that seemed to take forever, Monroe scored four runs. Then Ann Arbor (the Thunder) got out 1-2-3. A brilliant Charlie Carver putout didn't stop Monroe from scoring one in the second, and the Arborites were held scoreless in the bottom of that inning. Monroe kept on pushing. In the third, they scored two. Like the previous two innings, and all the innings to come, Ann Arbor didn't score. The fourth inning was a nightmare for the Thunder. With rain everywhere, they let up ten runs. Monroe stole home several times that inning, including a steal of second, and then, on an overthrow, coming all the way home. The score after four: 17-0. In the fifth, Alexander Wilson got the team back on track at the mound, with great pitching and great plays like an assist from Jonathan Ellis on third to first base. The Thunder held Monroe scoreless. But Monroe did the same to the Thunder. With two outs and the bases loaded, the Thunder experienced their final strike out of the season. On a ten run mercy rule, the Monroe champs won after five, 17-0.

Although the Thunder were disappointed, they decided to put things in an optimistic view. A loss this season could make a championship victory all the more glorifying next year. Plus, the Thunder were the regular season champs of Rec&Ed. All in all, it was a satisfying season for the Clague team. This is Jonathan Ellis, reporting, and now signing off.



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