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Season Record: 8-2, League Champions!
Runs For: 15.2 (152 runs in ten games)
Runs Against: 9.2 (92 runs in ten games)

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The Buzz are #1, repeating as league champs. Articles for the entire season are available here.
The schedule and Buzz Talk are below, and click here to jump to the game articles.
June 16 vs. Fors/MYA/St.Thom/Stein

June 18 vs. Slauson I
L, 13-10

June 23 vs. Slauson/Tappan
W, 16-8

June 25 vs. Clague/Greenhills

June 30 vs. Tappan/Scarlett
W, 19-11

July 2 vs. Fors/MYA/St.Thom/Stein

July 7 vs. Slauson I
W, 21-12

July 9 vs. Slauson/Tappan
W, 14-13 (8 innings)

July 14 vs. Clague/Greenhills

July 16 vs. Tappan/Scarlett
W, 14-7

July 21 vs. Fors/MYA/St.Thom/Stein
W, 23-9

July 23 vs. Clague/Greenhills
W, 12-11

July 30 vs. Fors/MYA/St.Thom/Stein
W, 19-1

August 4 vs. Clague/Greenhills
L, 7-4

Another Great Season Ends
by Jonathan Ellis

The season is now over, and so is the pool party. At the pool, the coaches talked about how baseball is a "game of failure." During the season, every player had mishaps. But the Buzz were able to take advantage of the good plays. We were number one. And so the Buzz repeat.
It was a great season. And for now, this is Jonathan Ellis, signing off.

Last Game's Article

IndiansAugust 4 Buzz lose to Clague nemeses in season closer
In another Clague vs. Clague matchup, this time it was the Indians prevailing. The first scoring came in the second, when the Buzz put a pair of runs on the board. The Indians chopped the lead to one, but the Buzz answered, making it 3-1. In the bottom of the third, the Indians came back to take the lead, and eventually made it 7-3. The only thing going for the Buzz was Alexander Wilson's amazing performance on the mound as he struck out the side on nine straight strikes. In the top of the seventh, the Buzz scored a run to make it 7-4, but fell short in the end. The two Clague teams traded victories in their matchups this season. Now, the season is over.

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Previous Game Articles

OriolesJuly 30 Slaughterhouse
July 30's game against the Orioles was an all-out victory for the Buzz. Scoring 19 runs to the Orioles' one, the Buzz proved their strength. The Buzz also stopped scoring on errors so as not to "rack up the score." The Buzz had nothing to complain about in their whalloping victory.
In the following "matchup," the parents challenged the Buzz. Obviously, the parents knew that they had absolutely no chance. The Buzz were phenomenal, and the parents couldn't do much but sit back and watch. Okay, so this report may be a bit biased, but hey, it's the TEAM'S homepage! :)

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IndiansJuly 23 Bottom of the seventh victory for the Buzz against Clague rivals
The Clague I Buzz, with two Greenhills players, faced the Clague/Greenhills Indians, with one Greenhills player. It was the first matchup of the season between the two rivals. And, like all the other Clague vs. Clague games last season, it was close.
The Buzz opened up in the field. It looked as if they were almost professional. Alexander Wilson, Jonathan Ellis and Matt Daniels all had sharp plays. Scott Linn and pitcher Luke Rajlich worked together well to avoid any passed balls. Even with all the great plays, the Buzz allowed two runs. In the bottom of the inning, the Buzz were only able to score one.
In the top of the second, the Indians again attacked the Buzz. They scored four more runs. But then it was the Buzz's turn. They mercied the Indians with seven runs. Next, the Indians tied things up at eight apiece. In the bottom of the third, the Buzz answered with two to make it 10-8. The Indians pulled within one, but the Buzz got that run back. The Indians then made it 11-10 in the fifth. They scored another run in the sixth to tie it all up at eleven. There was no scoring in the bottom of the sixth or in the top of the seventh.
In the bottom of the seventh, the Buzz had a chance to win. But when the first two batters struck out, it looked like things wouldn't work out. Danny Chun was able to advance to third, and then Scott Linn stepped up to the plate. He hit it to second. The second baseman fumbled with the ball just enough to allow Linn to slide into first, so the Indians couldn't get the force. Meanwhile, Danny Chun came home to score the winning run. It was a close and exciting victory for the Buzz. Next, they face the Orioles once again.

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OriolesJuly 21 The Birds and the Bees: Buzz win
On July 21, the Buzz played their first of two makeup games against the Fors/MYA/St.Thom/Stein Orioles. The Orioles drew first blood with two, but the Buzz came back to make it 6-2 after one. The Orioles again attacked, this time tying things up. But the Buzz took things away from there. Matt Daniels was obviously the player of the game with a grand slam, a triple with the bases loaded, a single, and a walk. Scott Linn pitched great third and fourth innings. The Buzz ended up winning 23-9. Next, the Buzz will play another team that they haven't met yet: their Clague rivals, the Indians.

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NaviGatorsJuly 16 Clague victorious over Gators
The last time the Buzz played the Gators, the Gators were short on players. This time, the Buzz were. Scott Linn gave his team two huge boosts with a grand slam and a triple. With two borrowed players, the Buzz pulled away, 14-7.

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ThunderJuly 9 Daoud, Gasiorek two key players in extra innings victory
In the most exciting game of the season to date, the Clague Buzz challenged the Slauson/Tappan Thunder. The Buzz had beaten the Thunder 16-8 earlier in the season, but this time, it wouldn't be a run-away.
The Thunder opened up with two top of the first runs, and the Buzz couldn't get on the scoreboard that inning. Next, the Thunder added another run, and still the Buzz couldn't answer. Things got even worse. In the top of the third, the Thunder went on a scoring rally for a seven run mercy. Even down ten to zero, the Buzz wouldn't be outdone. They answered with their own seven run rally, making it 10-7. Powerful pitching by Rajlich and Wilson would shut out the Thunder for the next three innings. Meanwhile, Clague scored four in the fourth to take the lead, 11-10. Then, they scored 2 more in the sixth to increase their lead, 13-10.
In the top of the seventh, it was the Thunder's last chance. They made use of it. A three run inning tied things up at thirteen apiece. In the bottom of the seventh, the Buzz couldn't produce.
It looked like things would end up a tie, but the umpire allowed an extra inning. In the top of the eighth, Alexander Wilson came through for his team, holding the Thunder scoreless. Then, in the bottom of the eighth, it all happened. First, with one out, the Buzz put runners on first and second. They advanced to second and third on steals. Then, to get the force at home, the Thunder intentionally walked Joey Gasiorek without even throwing the four pitches. Mistake #1: the next batter was Alexander Wilson! But when Wilson had two strikes on him, it looked like this glimmer of hope wouldn't work out after all. Then, the pitcher threw a passed ball.
Nabil Daoud, at third, ran about a third of the way down the baseline. But the Thunder catcher picked up the ball quickly. Daoud turned around and headed back to third. But the other runners had advanced. They had to go back to second and first! As Joey Gasiorek rushed to get back to first, the Thunder made mistake #2, the biggest mistake of all. Forgetting Daoud, they threw to first to get Gasiorek out! Maybe it would have worked-- but there was only one out. Daoud rushed home. As he ran onto home plate, his teammates rushed out to meet him. The Buzz had won.
After the game, the Thunder disappeared pretty quickly. After thinking that they were going to win, their hopes had vanished. Meanwhile, Clague was victorious and everyone was celebrating. They started the season with a loss. Now they're 4-1, and looking forward to the next game.

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AstrosJuly 7 Buzz kick Astros
The Buzz showed the Astros what they were really made of on July 7. In the first meeting between these two teams on June 18, the Buzz were up 6-0, but the Astros swiped it away from them, 13-10. This game would be different. In the top of the first, the Astros took an early 3-0 lead, and things were already looking gloomy for the Buzz. In their half of the inning, Clague answered back with four. But in the top of the second, the Astros rallied for a seven-run mercy, making it 10-4. Everyone made mistakes, whether it was missing a grounder, making a misthrow, or making a wrong decision. Things were looking bad for the Buzz. An Andrew Little steal at home in the bottom of the second made it 10-5, and gave them a little confidence. By the way, Little was 3 for 3 on the day with three singles. The Buzz went on to score four more, and all of a sudden, it was 10-9.
Adam Was held the Astros scoreless in the third, and then the Buzz were able to make it 14-10 in their favor. The Astros managed to make it close at 14-12, but with the help of Alexander Wilson on the mound, the Buzz finished things up with a scoring spree, winning 21-12.
Isaac Hurley is always showing up in these reports. In the last game, he was tackled by the catcher, and this time, he was hit in the butt when the pitcher tried to pick him off at third. He ended up stealing home. But Alexander Wilson must have had the play of the game. When a runner tried to steal home, Wilson was there and he stopped him still. Then, the runner, bug-eyed, tried to make it back to third, but Wilson finished him off. Hurley (again) was also notable for his throw from center field all the way to home to nail a runner.
All things considered, the Buzz smashed the Astros and proved that they were the better team. Now three and one, the Buzz next challenge Slauson/Tappan, which the Buzz defeated 16-8 in their previous meeting.

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NaviGatorsJune 30 A Surge to victory in Unofficial game
Correction: This game was not a forfeit. However, the article remains unchanged.

On a hazy evening at 8:30, the Buzz's only scheduled prime-time game of the season, they knew they had to surpass the 1-1 gridlock they were held in. They got it, easier than any other game they had played. Why? The Tappan/Scarlett Gators didn't have enough players that showed up. In fact, Nabil Daoud and Charlie Carver had to be lent to the Gators. The Buzz had the victory no matter what due to the forfeit, but they played anyway, and it was good practice for both teams.
In the top of the first, the Gators drew first blood with two runs. But the Buzz scorched them in the bottom of the inning with seven runs. The inning would have continued, but a seven-run mercy was called. In the next inning, the Gators put another run on the board, but the Buzz answered with two runs of their own. The top of the third proved to be a wakeup call for Clague. The Gators cut their lead to one, 9-8. The Buzz scored much needed runs in their half of the inning, including when Isaac Hurley slid into home on a passed ball. Then, however, baseball turned into football and he was practically tackled by the catcher after he was already safe! With a four run lead to work with, the Buzz turned the rest of the game into a scoring spree. Although they let the Gators score three more times, the Buzz couldn't be stopped, winning 19-11.
The Buzz have had five games on schedule so far: two were rained out and this one was a forfeit by the other team. With a shaky 2-1 record, Clague will now face the opponent they were supposed to play in their first game. Everyone's looking forward to the game as an answer to what might happen in the rest of the season.

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ThunderJune 23 Buzz even it out
The Buzz, after a disappointing loss in the first game of the season, now tried to work back to a 1-1 record. They broke out to an early 6-0 lead, but when the Slauson/Tappan Thunder pulled to within 8-5, it looked like it might be another flop. The Buzz wouldn't let it be that way. A top of the fifth, two out rally gave them two key runs to make it 10-5. Both runs were steals at home, coming when the Thunder pitcher tried to pick off another runner and missed the throw. After that, the Buzz were home free, winning 16-8. Luke Rajlich was credited with the win. Both teams seemed a bit weak on the field, but the Buzz proved that they were better. With a 1-1 record, Clague could now get going on trying to repeat its league championship.

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AstrosJune 18 Buzz Drop It
In their first game, the Buzz took the early 6-0 lead. But they got the tables turned on them. The Slauson Astros came back, winning 13-10.

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