AllenDr. Allen Burton, Principal Investigator

Professor, School of Natural Resources & Environment
Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Director, Cooperative Institute for Limnology & Ecosystem Research
Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry

Email: burtonal@umich.edu

JenDr. Jennifer Daley, Research Fellow
Ph.D. Environmental Science, University of Windsor
B.S.c Biological Sciences, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jennifer joined the Burton lab in the summer of 2013 and will be working on a variety of projects to understand how environmental stressors influence contaminant exposure dynamics and how this impacts wildlife and ecosystems.

Email: jmdaley@umich.edu

LarissaDr. Larissa Sano, Researcher and Program Officer at UM Water Center
Ph.D. School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan
M.S. Marine Resource Management, Oregon State University
B.A. Human Biology, Stanford University

Larissa Sano is a Programs Officer with the UM Water Center, where she facilitates the Center’s mission of better integrating science into restoration projects in the Great Lakes basin. Larissa is also involved in several ongoing projects in the Burton Lab.

Email: llubomud@umich.edu

MichelleMichelle Hudson, Research Lab Specialist
M.S. Aquatic Sciences, University of Michigan
B.S. Biology, Saginaw Valley State University

Shelly earned her Master's degree under Dr. Burton's tutelage in 2013. Her research focused on trophic transfer of gold nanomaterials in a small food chain study. After a brief hiatus, Shelly joined the Burton lab again in the spring of 2014 to focus on field and laboratory research. She is currently involved in many of the ongoing projects in the lab.

Email: shellhud@umich.edu

KyleKyle Fetters, Research Technician
M.S. Aquatic Ecology, University of Michigan
B.S. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wright State Univeristy

Kyle is with the University of Michigan Water Center, working with Dr. Marc Mills at the U.S. EPA in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is researching soil and sediment contamination issues at various Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs), helping to inform managers about appropriate remediation options along with studying the effectiveness of previously completed site remediations.

Email: kjfetts@umich.edu

AnnaAnna Harrison, Ph.D. Student - School of Natural Resources and Environment
M.S. Watershed Hydrology, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
B.S. Environmental Science, University of Michigan

Anna's research interests focus on understanding aquatic ecosystem response to anthropogenic activities. She is currently involved in many of the on-going projects in the lab.

Email: annaha@umich.edu

SaraSara Nedrich, Ph.D. Candidate - Earth and Environmental Sciences
M.S. Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University
B.S. Environment Science, The Ohio State University

Sara's research focuses on understanding the dynamics and effects of environmental stressors in aquatic habitats. She is involved with currently on-going projects in the Burton Lab.

Email: snedrich@umich.edu

GusAugust Steigmeyer, M.S. Student - School of Natural Resources and Environment
B.A. Biology and English, Kenyon College

August's research focuses on the impacts of anthropogenic toxins on the survival and growth of benthic macroinvertebrates. He is currently an active researcher on the WERF project

Email: ajsteig@umich.edu

MaggieMaggie Grundler, Undergraduate researcher
B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Class of 2015

Maggie is in her fourth year with the Burton Lab and is interested in aquatic ecology research, specifically marine biology and oceanography.

Email: grumaggi@umich.edu

OliviaOlivia Rath, Undergraduate researcher
LSA Honors, Class of 2016

Olivia begins her third year with the Burton Lab in Fall 2014. Her interests in science involve ecosystem science, environmental justice and sustainability.

Email: ratho@umich.edu

ErinErin Eberhard, Undergraduate researcher
B.S. Ecology and Envolutionary Biology, Class of 2015

Erin is in her first year with the Burton Lab, she is interested in aquatic ecology and chemistry research.

Email: ekeb@umich.edu

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