Demon Night movie preview

The future of entertainment marketing will undoubltedly be littered with companies who

attempt to lure new customers into their interactive advertising. Case in point, the

interactive computer game used to publicize the new horror movie Demon Night. It was

set up to allow the user to explore the set of the movie, meet major characters, and

provide feedback to the directors on the potential outcome of the story while the film was

still in production. This site illustrates the power the net may have in the future of

entertainment. It is very possible that directors and studios will use such interactive

games in order to test the marketís receptiveness to new story concepts. In addition, a

feeling of anxiousness can be formed around the release of a movie without any of the

traditional high-cost meida vehicles (television, newspaper, and magazine advertising).

This site serves as an interesting example of the future of marketing. It is concievable

that a much better advertising campaign could be run through the net and an interactive

game than could ever be run with conventional means. The evolution of the world of

entertianment will undoubtedly be rooted in the Internet and a more personal style of