Some of these links are undoubtedly expired, as I don't have time to keep track of all of them.... Many are from the earliest days of the WWW, 1995-96.

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Links to other lists:

  1. MetaSearch
  2. Switchboard (look up addresses and phone numbers: USA white pages)
  3. Alta Vista (see who's linked to your URL)
  4. Telnet to public lynx server at UNC
  5. Best of the Web Searchers
  6. Today.Com - pages/services that change daily
  7. Lycos Internet Catalog
  8. Open Text
  9. Yahoo Directory
  10. Point: best of the Web
  11. WWW Yellow Pages
  12. URouLette
  13. Comprehensive List of Sites
  14. Starting Point
  15. Useless sites
  16. Worst of the Web
  17. What's New
  18. Awesome List
  19. World Online
  20. Kathy Madison's Hotlist
  21. Keepers of Lists
  22. The Wall (Norway)
  1. -- the ability utility (learn how to do almost anything)
  2. Creating a hit counter on a web page
  3. Lucky Links
  4. WWW Good Advertising Sites (Burma Shave)
  5. Caribbean Web Sites
  6. Cool Site of the Day
  7. Spider's Pick of the Day
  8. Funky Site of the Day
  9. Tribal Voice
  10. Big Dummy's Guide to Internet
  11. URL-minder
  12. Global On-Line Directory
  13. Submit It!
  14. WIT gopher
  15. WIT web
  16. Adam Enhanced
  17. Mennonite Connections on the WWW
  18. MennoWeb Address Database
  19. Things about other BPL's
  20. Help writing HTML forms
  21. High Five (web design)
  22. Webaholics
  23. Directory of Student Homepages (most colleges and universities)
  24. Airyn's "Computing Resources for Consultants"
  25. Windows Sockets Product Summary
  26. - the best music links in the Shenandoah Valley

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