Some of these links are undoubtedly expired, as I don't have time to keep track of all of them.... Many are from the earliest days of the WWW, 1995-96.

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  1. Hymns by Bradley Lehman
  2. Hymns by Michael Jacob Kooiman
  3. Volkslieder (German folk songs), etc.
  4. Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival
  5. - the best music links in the Shenandoah Valley
  6. Early Music America
  7. Early Music in NYC
  8. Music in Pittsburgh
  9. Music Underground
  10. Musicology today
  11. Gilbert and Sullivan
  12. Sibelius Academy
  13. MusicWriter's NoteStation
  14. Software Solutions for Piano Technicians
  15. Composition by computer (EMI, David Cope)
  16. Orlando Gibbons
  17. Matthew Fields' composing tips
  18. Compositions by Mark Moya
  19. Music of Michael Starke and his home page
  20. Classical Music home page
  21. Mario's Music Yellow Pages
  22. Drum Vibrations
  23. The Piano Page
  24. Music birthdays
  25. Chopin
  26. Beatles Reference Page
  27. Huge music site in England
  28. Indiana University music site (excellent)
  29. Folk Music home page
  30. FaSoLa singing
  31. Online concordance to The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision
  32. Glenn Gould home page
  33. F_Minor list home page
  34. Gould archives, Nat'l Library of Canada
  35. Glenn Gould studio
  36. Glenn Gould CBC recordings
  37. Bill Evans Jazz Resource
  38. J S Bach's works
  39. Record companies on the WWW
  1. Just Intonation
  2. An article on well-temperament theory
  3. Microtonal music on CD
  4. Yamaha Music (MIDI player and other things)
  5. John Wesley hymnal
  6. Pitt music (Scheer)
  7. The Lied and Song Texts Page
  8. Une jeune fillette texts and translations
  9. Music obituaries
  10. Lollapalooza
  11. Finale listserv archive
  12. Musicsearch
  13., the music nexus
  14. Music software available by FTP
  15. Music notation software
  16. Music Notation and Music Notation Programs
  17. Cool Edit
  18. Multimedia Information Sources
  19. EQ Magazine
  20. NAXOS recordings and catalog with reviews
  21. Harpsichord links, including sounds
  22. HPSCHD-L
  23. Organ builders
  24. Early Music concerts in France
  25. San Francisco Early Music Society
  26. Berkeley early music festival
  27. MusicSources
  28. Scarlatti's sonatas in MIDI (Sankey)
  29. Bach's keyboard works in MIDI (Sankey)
  30. MIDI archive
  31. Classical MIDI Archives
  32. Justonic Tuning Inc. for MIDI
  33. CakeWalk music software
  34. MIDI hymns sequenced by Paul G. Naumann
  35. The Electric Amish
  36. Exegesis of Don McLean's "American Pie"
  37. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  38. They Might Be Giants
  39. David Gordon (tenor)
  40. Promo Music (Bologna, Italy)
  41. Why musicians are good at programming
  42. AcoustiCDigest (classical music links)

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