MennoLink Discussion of Homosexuality, 1994-1995

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This is a resource page for MennoLink, with material drawn from the publicly-accessible MennoLink Archive (currently being restructured). It is an attempt at a chronological index of public-forum postings on the topic of homosexuality. The discussion of course leads into broader issues such as biblical interpretation, social ethics, etc. (These discussions are relevant far beyond the specific issue of homosexuality.) If I've missed concurrent postings that are relevant, it's unintentional: the topic is huge, and subject headings are not always accurate. It is of course a matter of judgment when postings stray too far off-topic to be relevant. The reader is encouraged to browse individually in the Archive to catch any omissions, when the Archive returns to online status.

The reader should also keep in mind that postings do not necessarily refer to one another in an orderly fashion. Sometimes several messages appear simultaneously (especially on heavy-traffic days); authors may have deleted old postings before replying; authors may have mis-quoted one another without sufficient context; and authors may not even be aware of the discussion that has gone on before. Some authors received the original discussion in a digest mode or through the filtered "menno" list, instead of reading the entire "menno.d" list. In short, not all authors have the same levels of involvement in the discussion, or a similar perspective on the presentation of each other's postings. (Or the same personal investments in any outcomes, for that matter.)

Finally, note that most of the authors did not necessarily intend their postings to have future relevance outside the discussion thread at the time. The Archive (which automatically records all postings) simply reflects what happened during the discussion.

- Brad Lehman (Christian Mennonite heterosexual white male,
in case any of that matters in the editorial process)

ML introduction, 31-Jan-96

My own general position about all this.... Justice and the "H-issue"

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January 1994: January catalog

Jon (Bert & Ernie), Garry, John, Paul

February 1994: (becomes concurrent discussions of sin, sexuality in general, Amish bundling) February catalog

1-8: Felicia, Garry, Courtney, Douglas, Pete, Thomas, Garry, Dannie, Rich, Felicia, Tracey, Rich, Garry, Garry, Rich, Ken, Garry, Jessica, Dannie, Paul, Kaye, Garry, Jane, Lin, Ross, Milton, Pete, Ross, Dannie, Conrad, Scott, Pete
9-14: James, Milton, Courtney, Pete, Dannie, Dannie, Dannie, Ken, Ross, Ross, Scott, Paul, Ross, James, Ross, Tom, Kaye, Karen, Steven
15-28: Karen, Milton, Dannie, Kevin, Milton

March 1994: (sexuality, singleness, sin) March catalog

Kaye, Dannie, Ron, Dannie, PG, Kaye, Ivan, Kaye, Terry, PG, Ivan

April 1994: (homophobia) April catalog

4: Michael (references a missing or private posting?), Terry, Ken, Ivan, PG, Lauren, Lauren, PG, John
5: Kaye, Terry, Michael, Frank, Elmer
6: Dick, Dick, Ramon, Terry, Jerry, Steve
7: David, Conrad, PG, Tom, Frank, Ross, Karen, PG, PG, Garry, Ted, Terry, Glen, Karen, Ivan, Lauren, Kaye, Lucie
8: Arlen, PG, John, Karen, Jessica, Karen, Steve, Steve, Ross
9: David, Ross, Milton, Kaye, Kaye, Steve
10: Elmer, Ken
11: David, PG, Garry, Dick, Dick, Albert, Brad, Kaye, Kaye, Gloria, Karen, Tom, Phil, Ross
12: John, John, Garry, Garry, Ramon, Terry, Sam, Dannie, Dannie, Ross, Milton, Terry, Richard, Steve
13: Steve, Steve, Steve, PG, PG, Sam
15: Karen, Gayle, PG, Dick
16: Kaye, Ross
17: Ramon, PG
18: John, Ted, Jon, Ross, PG, John, Lauren
19: Brad, Dick, Caleb, Caleb, Michael, Ron
20: Pete, Caleb, Stacy, Terry, Ross, Ted, Wolf, Kaye, Wolf
21: Dick, Dick, Stacy, Stacy, Fred, Caleb, Ted, Kaye, Dick
22-30: Wolf, Fred, Ken, PG, PG

May 1994:(nothing in first part of month about homosexuality, but a discussion of footwashing, holy kiss, etc.; then condoms and sex education; then gender stereotypes - not catalogued here) May catalog

10: Ross
17: Don
18: Caleb
20: Alice

June 1994: (gets into discussions of language style, PC speech, bibliolatry, inerrancy, Anabaptist theology, hymns - not catalogued here) June catalog


July 1994: (much sparked by discussion of "Christian Right") July catalog

1-18: Ross, Dick, PG, Ross, Ross, Karen, PG, Walt, Ross, Joe, Jonathan, PG, Greg, David, Daniel, Daniel, Ken, Wolf, Ron, Michael, Walt, John, Paul, Paul
19-20: Paul, Daniel, Wolf, Walt, David, Alice, Walt, Kaye, Wolf, Karen, Karen, Kaye, Caleb, PG, Kaye, Kaye, Kaye, Walt, Walt, Terry, Dick, Paul, Wolf, Dick, Wolf, Dick, Dick, Dick, Walt, Dick, John, Dick, Dick, Walt, Walt, Wolf, John, John, Ross, Byron, Kaye, John, John, John
21: Greg, Wolf, Paul, Sam, Paul, Paul, Daniel, Wolf, Judith, John, Anne, Ross, Jerry, Dick, Jerry, Dick, Karen, Dick, Dick, Ross, Dick, Bob, Dick, Dick, Eldon, David, Dick, John, Ross, Sheri, Ross, Walt, Sheri, Caleb, Caleb, Ken, Brad
22-31: Ross, PG, Kurt, Belinda, Daniel, Terry, Daniel, Daniel, Kaye, Karen, Dick, Brad, Dick, Caleb, Brad, Ross, Karen, Ross, Al

August 1994: (springs from discussion of Promise Keepers, etc.) August catalog

1-9: Karen, Karen, Dick, Caleb, Joe, John, Dick, Ross, Karen, Caleb, PG, Wolf, PG, PG, Kurt, Bruce, Wolf, Daniel, Jerry, Wolf, Terry, John, Michael, David
10-31: Al, Caleb, Kurt, Kaye, Terry, Michael, Kevin, Deborah, Ross, Dick, Karen, Brad, Wolf, PG, John, Wolf, Joe, Daniel, Karen, Terry, Joe, Brad, Karen, Dick

September 1994: (nothing for a few weeks, then a discussion of singleness (not catalogued here), then an MCC posting and follow-up)

MCC Washington, Steve, Steve, Ron, Daniel, Daniel, Ronald, Ron, John, Karen, Daniel

October 1994: (discussion of inclusive language starts Oct 9, not catalogued here; discussion of church discipline also)

1-9: Bruce, Stephen, Gene
10-12: Paul, Stephen, Paul, Rosalyn, Chris, Stephen, John, Ron, John, Chris, Terry, Stephen, John, Ron, Jerry, Phil, Chris, Phil, Doug, Ron, John, Ross
13-17: Daniel, Gene, John, Ross, Linda, PG, Kaye, John, Karen, Wolf, Ron, Ross, John, Kaye, Ross, Karen, Terry, Wolf, PG, John
18-20: Karen, Ross, Karen, Garry, Karen, Gene, Mike, John, John, Ross, Paul, PG, John, John, Ross, Paul, Terry, PG
21-31: Ron, Caleb, Michael

November 1994: (after middle of month, becomes mostly a thread about biblical interpretation and authority)

Gene, Wolf, Jerry, Terry, Terry, David, Ruth Anne, PG, PG, PG, Lamar, Terry, Steve, Terry, PG, Marj, Ross, PG
Branches into discussion of biblical authority...
Anthony, Phil, Phil, Pete, Gerry, Gerry, Les, Kathleen, Steve, Anthony, Marian, Raul, Gene, John, Les, Terry, Gerry, Raul, Terry, John, Glen, Gerry, Daniel, Anthony, Paul, Eric, Michael, PG, John, Mike, Terry, Brad, Karen, Phil, Gerry, Bruce, Brad, Eric, Michael, Michael, Raul, Gerry, Terry

December 1994: (no discussion of homosexuality or related issues)


January 1995:

February 1995:

March 1995:

April 1995:

May 1995:

June 1995:

July 1995:

August 1995:

September 1995:

October 1995:

November 1995:

Biblical-interpretation threads already underway and growing, and relevant as background...trace them for yourself in the November Archive (subjects of literalism, heresy, ethics, bibliolatry, Paul, canon, women's roles, etc.)
4: Ross
6: Wolf
7: Supportive Congregations Network "Twelve Churches Publicly Welcome Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Members"
8: Tom, Anna, Conrad, Les
9: Kaye, Kaye, Pete, John, Ed, Pete, Terry, Daniel, Pete, David, Wolf, Anna, Tom, Steven, Kelly
10: Wolf, Anna, Ed, Anna, David, Daniel, Pete, Brad (pulling the ongoing "truth" and "literalism" threads into this), Karen, Gregg, Joan, Deb, Clayton, Stanley
11: Dannie, PG, Doug, Brad, Brad, Steven, Wolf
12: Gregg, Deb, Eileen, Brad, Ross, John, Anna
13: Steven, Wolf, Wolf, James, Loren, Mark, Ross (fwd about exegesis), Keith, Jim, Juel, Michael, Brad, Michael, Michael, Terry, Mark, Kaye, Brad, Richard, PG, Brad, Terry, Terry, Jim, Doug, Jim, Michael, Pete, Brad, Pierre, James, Jim, John, PG, John, Anna, Tom, Jim, Anna, Anna, Kelly, George, Duane, Anthony, Anthony, Anthony, Wolf, Wolf, Anna, PG, Pete, Pete, Anna
14: Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, PG, Pete, Tony, Terry, Jim, Jim, Wolf, Terry, Mark, PG, Kevin, Kelly, Kelly, John, John, Brad, John, John, Curtis, Anna, Anthony
15: Mark, James, Dannie, Jim, Todd, Joy, Douglas, Brad, Daniel, Richard, Tony, Brad, Wolf, Terry, Terry, Jim, Curtis, Jim
16: James, Miriam, Richard, Brad
17: Kevin, Roma, Roma, Anna, Brad
(After Thanksgiving break, starts off with discussion of whether topics can be taboo or censored...)
27: Jon, Sarah
28: Thomas, John, Mary Lou, Ross, Ed, Jim, John, Terry, Dannie, Gerald, PG, Timothy, Timothy, Dan, Thomas, Anthony, Warren, Gerald
29: Thomas, Jim, Thomas, Dan, Trevor, Brad, Gerald, Gerald, PG, PG, Daniel, Dan, Stanley
30: Wolf, Wolf, PG, Mark, Terry, Joy, Pete, Wolf, Betty

December 1995:

Gerald, Gerald, Linda, Lin, Dannie, Kaye/Brad, Belinda, Terry, Daniel, Karen, Brad, Ross, James, Brad, Michael, Kaye, Keith, Keith, David, Brad, Wolf, Wolf, Mark, Mike, Stanley, James, Keith, PG, Clayton, Jeremy, Brad, Tom, Marvin, Lamar, Douglas, Gene, Adalbert, Bob, Wolf, JKRB, Kaye, Daniel, Daniel