Brad Lehman's MennoLink Intro

31-Jan-96, updated 20-Aug-97 and 12-Dec-02

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(Dr.) Bradley Lehman,

Mennonite Game Dada:

My spouse: Gloria Rhodes

Our daughter: Afton Elisabeth Rhodes-Lehman, b 11/27/02

Our non-human companions: Zade, Tobit, Rogan, Fianna

My parents and siblings: Maurice Lehman and Carol (Histand) Lehman, Michelle Lehman, Tammy Lehman (all of Goshen IN)

My grandparents: Willis Lehman and Sarean (Amstutz) Lehman, Nelson Histand and Eunice May (Gingerich) Histand

My aunts and uncles: Marian Schwabbauer, Delores Friesen, John Histand, Cathy Lichti, Stan Histand, Tim Histand, Jim Histand, Donovan Lehman, James O Lehman, Chester Lehman, John Lehman, Paul Lehman, Marjean Lehman, LuAnne Hatter, Steve Lehman, Bonnie Geiser

Home congregation: Community Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg VA

Mennonite schooling: Bethany Christian High School, class of 82; Goshen College, class of 86

Academic Game Dada (see also my resume):

Musician. Harpsichord, composing, conducting, organ, fortepiano, piano, clavichord, singing, recorder, krummhorn, triangle, cymbals (bad), timpani (worse), marimba (well, somebody had to play it), bass drum, snare (couldn't execute a paradiddle if my life depended on it), tambourine (I like playing the jingles by themselves), viola (hideous), guitar (the less said the better), autoharp (tuned in 1/4 comma meantone, yum), kazoo (we did "Cool in the Furnace"), keyboard temperament theorist, ....

Current positions: Applications developer, EPOS; freelance musician; author; composer; etc.

Formal degrees:

A.Mus.D., harpsichord, University of Michigan, 1994
M.M., early keyboard instruments, University of Michigan, 1992
A.M., musicology, University of Michigan, 1992
B.A., music and mathematics (& church music minor), Goshen College, 1986

Other Points of View, er, Aspects (see also my miscellany page):

Irrelevant Trivia:

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