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Notes for Ira Gerald Wolfe and Clara Verlillia Brenizer

Before 1885: See the personal notes for Ira Wolfe and Clara Brenizer for events prior to their marriage in 1885 in Kansas. Clara Brenizer left Union City, Ohio for Kansas with the Washington Lafayette Eichelberger family in 1881 [1]. Ira Wolfe left Adams County, Pennsylvania for Kansas in about 1870, traveling with Wesley Howard and some Chronister relatives. Ira was listed in the 1875 Kansas census as I.G. Wolfe.

1885 On 1 January, Ira G Wolfe, unmarried, executed a mortgage for $800, from the Travelers Insurance Company in Abilene, Dickinson County, Kansas, for 80 acres on East half of the North East quarter of Section 26, Twp 11 South, Range 2, East of 6th PM.

1885 On 8 February Ira G Wolfe paid off a mortgage for $500 from Mariana C Porter (of Middlesex County, Massachusetts) for 80 acres in Kansas on East half of the North East quarter of Section 26, Twp 11 South, Range 2, East of 6th PM.

1885 Ira Wolfe and Clara Brenizer were married at "the Brenizers" on 12 February by James M Frame. Ira G Wolfe, age 31, was from Abilene, Kansas and Clara Brenizer, age 22, was from Haddam, (Washington County), Kansas. The marriage license record in the Abilene, Kansas courthouse reports that "the Brenizers" was in "said county", which would be Dickinson County, rather than Washington County. The wedding may have taken place at the house of Clara's brother, Jacob Addison Brenizer, who lived in Washington County, Kansas with wife F.E. and daughter N.C Brenizer. Alternatively, it could have taken place at the house of Clara's uncle, John L Brenizer, in Abilene. Here are quotes describing the event. "Mr I.G. Wolfe, of Cheever Twp, and Miss Carrie Brenizer, of Union City, Indiana, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, last week. The Gazette extends congratulations and wishes the young couple a happy and prosperous journey through life." [2][3] Ira G. Wolfe and Clara Brenizer married 2-12-1885 by J.M. Frame [Kansas, Dickinson County, Marriage Record, Book A-1, v.1] "Ira Geraldes Wolfe, of Abilene, Kansas, and Clara Verlilia Wolfe, of Union City, Indiana, were joined together in the bonds of holy matrimony at Haddam, Kansas, on the twelfth day of February, 1885, in the presence of J. A. Brenizer." [4]. [Photocopy] Marriage license for Ira Wolfe and Clara Brenizer.

Wedding photo of Ira Wolfe and wife. [5]

1885 On 17 April, Ira G Wolfe paid off a mortgage from the Travelers Insurance Company, executed by Ira G Wolfe on 1 January 1885 in Abilene, Dickinson County, Kansas for 80 acres on East half of the North East quarter of Section 26, Twp 11 South, Range 2, East of 6th PM.

1885 Clara Brenizer's parents lived in Union City Ohio and apparently did not attend the wedding. Here are Clara's photos of her parents, Joseph Ritner Brenizer and wife Sarah Weigle Brenizer, from about this time [6]

Sarah Weigle Brenizer, mother of Clara Brenizer Wolfe, c 1880s.

Sarah Weigle Brenizer, c 1880s.

Joseph Ritner Brenizer, c 1880s.

1885 Ira G Wolfe (age 31 farmer) and Clara Wolfe (age 22 born PA and of Ohio); Joseph (age 49 carpenter) and Annie M (age 51 tailor) Chronister (Ira's mother and step-father ); Austin (age 16 carpenter), John (age 13), and Milton (age 11) Chronister; and C.M. Luke (age 12 born PA and of Colorado, Ira's nephew through half-sister Laura Chronister) lived in Cheever Twp, Dickinson County, Kansas. [7] [Photocopy, 1885 census for Dickinson County, Kansas.]

1885 Ira Wolfe's land was in Section 26 on the east half of the lot labeled Wm Free of the map below. Uncle John L. Brenizer owned 240 acres in section 35 of Dickinson County, Kansas. Next door was David Wesley Howard with 160 acres and with more land in section 34. Just south were the lands of John Brenizer's son CM Brenizer and further south was the land of John S. Chronister, who moved to Kansas with Ira Wolfe and DW Howard. [8] [Photocopy] Map of Dickinson County, Kansas, 1885. Ira Wolfe's land was in section 26. The Chronister schoolhouse was south, in section 11 of Buckeye Twp. Brenizer, Howard, and Chronister landholdings were near section 35.

1885 Ira Wolfe, a farmer, and Clara Wolfe (age 23) lived in Garden City, Scott County, Kansas. The adjacent census listing was for Ira's parents and half-brothers, the Chronisters: Joseph, a cattleman (age 49), Anna (age 50), Austin (age 16), John (age 13), and Milton (age 11). The double listing with the census in Dickinson County, above, suggests that Clara and Ira Wolfe moved to Scott County soon after their marriage and that Ira Wolfe's family, the Chronisters, also moved from the Abilene area to Scott County at this time [9] [Photocopy, 1885 census for Scott county, Kansas.]

Ira outside his house in Scott county, Kansas.[10] Finney County is south of Scott County. Garden City is now in Finney County.

1885 "A township election was held in Scott Center July 7,1885, and the following officers were elected: Trustee, Charley L. Waite; Treasurer, C.R. Swan; Clerk, M.H. Bailey; Road Overseer, W.E. McLain; Justice of Peace, S.W. Case and Joseph Hollister; Constable Ira J. Wolf [Ira G Wolfe?]." [11] An alternative version reported: "A township election was held in Scott county July 7th, and the follow officers elected: Justice ... S. W. Case and J. Chronister, Trustee ... Charlie Waite, Chonstable ... John Keeve and L. G. Wolf ". [12] This likely refers to I.G. Wolf and indicates that both Ira and Joseph became active in the Scott County government soon after their move. Scott Center (the present day Scott City) was in Scott County, which was organized as a township of Finney County, Kansas.

1886 Ira Wolfe was in the business of "land locating" in Scott County: "Mr. Quance came to Scott County in 1886. A significant fact is that he came in company with three other men, but is the only one of the quartet still living in Scott County. That indicates perhaps the proportion of settlers who came out during those hopeful years of the '80s and who actually remained during the hard times that followed. Of the many hundreds who sought homes on the western prairies of Kansas in the early days, it is perhaps conservative to state that not more than one out of four came through the fire of adversity and bore the heat and burden of the day long enough to realize the dream of good fortune. ...Andrew J. Quance shipped a wagon and team over the railroad to Garden City, and from that point drove into Scott County. He was a stranger to everybody in this section. At the old postoffice and hamlet of Saratoga he met Ira Wolf, who followed the business of land locating. Under the guidance of Wolf he and his companions found their first claims. Mr. Quance selected as his location the southeast quarter of section 21, township 19, range 31. He built a half dugout and half sod house, with board roof, containing a single room. It was on the 10th of March he arrived in this region. After the house he put up a sod and board stable, and dug a well, finding water at a depth of only thirty-three feet. He also broke out some land the same year. " [13] The post office mentioned above, in Saratoga, might be the post office where Ira's mother was the postmistress (see the notes for Anna Brenizer).

1886 Ira Wolfe was involved in the local schools in Scott county. "At the special election in School District #2, Allen Bayless was elected director; Ira Wolfe, clerk, and J. C. Starr, treasurer. A three months' term of school, taught by Ed Hamm, commenced last Monday, May 3, 1886." [14]

1887 On 16 March, Ira G Wolf and Clara V Wolf, husband and wife of Scott County, Kansas, sold 160 acres in Scott County, Kansas to David Keller of Dickinson County, Kansas for $1,000. They owned the land free of encumbrances except for a $500 mortgage due to Catharine Weis three or five years from 1 January 1887. Sale witnessed by W E Eichelberger.

1888 Here is a description of land speculation along the railroad in Lamar Colorado, where Ira Wolfe lost money to Mr. Armint, as described in Homer's story. [Story, Land speculation in Colorado.][15]

1890 Ira Wolfe's mother, Anna Brenizer Chronister, died in Scott County, Kansas.

c1893 Clara and Ira Wolfe had photos taken in Union City. [16]

Ira and Clara, c 1893.

Charles and Grace Wolfe, c 1893.

1900 Ira Wolfe (age 47) and Clara (age 37) lived with children Charles (age 14), Grace (age 10), and Homer (age 4) in Union City Village, Jackson Twp, Darke County, Ohio. They lived next door to uncle Frank Shall (George F Shawl) across from the Union City high school, as described in son Homer's biography of Ira [See the Personal Notes for Ira Wolfe at this website]. Frank Shawl lived with his wife Anna M (Anna Brenizer was Clara Brenizer's sister), three daughters, and mother-in-law Sarah A (Weigel) Brenizer. Ira Wolfe was a railroad laborer. Aunt Anne and Grandmother Brenizer were dressmakers. Uncle George (Frank) was a carriage blacksmith. Son Charles was a farm laborer. Both families owned their houses with mortgages. Neither was a farmhouse. They likely lived on Sycamore Street, based on his mother's address on that street in 1900. [17][18]

c1900 Ira Wolfe lived at 67 Sycamore Street in Union City.

Ira Wolfe, c 1900, Union City, Ohio.

1902 Ira, Clara, and Chas. Wolf were listed at Route 2 in the 1902 Union City, directory. [19]

1905 "A.E. Wittstock, who is superintendant of the mechanical department of the new ice plant at Alachua.... Frank Shawl formerly of this city, will be permanent superintendant, as Mr. Wittstock expects to leave..." [Frank Shawl was Clara's brother-in-law, see also 1907 entry below][20] [Photocopy] Newspaper notice.

1905-07 Ira Wolfe's family had moved to Gainesville by July: Miss Grace Wolfe gave a nice recitation of "Old Glory" at the Fourth of July celebration in North Gainesville, among other events. [21]
[Photocopy] Newspaper notices.

1906 Ira G Wolfe moved from Gainesville to Paradise, Florida: "Ira G Wolfe, who recently moved from this city to Paradise, called on Saturday and ordered the Sun at the latter place." [22] [Photocopy] Newspaper notice.

1907 Daughter Grace Wolfe was a successful teacher in Gainesville. [23]
[Photocopy] Newspaper notices.

1907 "After a residence of several years in North Gainesville, Mr and Mrs. Frank Shawl with their family, have removed to Alachua. Mr Shawl has accepted a lucrative position with the ice company at that point." [Frank Shawl was Clara's brother-in-law][24]
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice.

1907-08 Clara and Ira Wolfe were listed as charter members of the University City Church of Christ in Gainesville, Florida. [History] Ira and Clara were charter members of the University City Church of Christ in Gainesville, Florida. [25]

1908 Niece Edith Shawl [Frank Shawl's daughter] visited Clara Brenizer Wolfe in Gainesville. [Photocopy] Newspaper notice.

1908 Daughter Grace Wolfe had moved out of town as a schoolteacher, but visited. William Jennings Bryan was running for president.
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice.
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice (Grace is named at the bottom of the article).

1908 The Shawl girls were growing up. "Misses Edith and Minnie Shawl, two attractive young ladies of Alachua, were visitors to the city Sunday, stopping with their sister, Mrs Ira Wolfe." [26]
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice.

1909 Homer Wolfe was listed among students in the sixth grade and John Wolfe was listed in second grade as earning a mark of "excellent" during the term in the Gainesville graded schools. The movies cost 10 cents. [27]
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice (Caution, picture is nearly a megabyte in size).

1909 The real estate market was getting better and Clara and Ira Wolfe sold land. [Photocopy] Newspaper notice (see bottom).

1909 Niece, Edith Shawl, married Mr Hampton Register. [Photocopy] Newspaper notice.

1909 Daughter Grace Wolfe was a teacher at Cherry Sink School, with a large enrollment.
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice.
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice.
[Photocopy] Newspaper notice.

1910 Clara (age 47) and Ira (age 56) Wolfe lived in Gainesville, Florida with children Grace (age20), Homer (age 13), John (age 8), and Faith (age 6). Ira Wolfe worked as a carpenter and had been married twice. Clara, age 47, had had 7 children, 5 alive. Clara's aunt Sophia (Weigle) English (age 65 or 68) was in the household. Widow Aunt Sophia gives evidence for the parentage of Clara's mother, Sarah A. Weigle. [28]

1911 On 30 December, Son Homer Wolfe signed a receipt in Gainesville, Florida for a meat company. This supports the timeline from Homer's story, which reports that the family lived in Florida at this time.

c 1915 The family moved back to Darke County, Ohio about this time.

1916 On 14 August, Ira Wolf, son of Anna Brenizer and Mr. Wolf, died in Greenville, Darke County, Ohio. Charles Wolf was the informant. [29]

1916 Obituaries for Ira Wolfe:
[Transcription] Ira Wolfe Obitua
[Photocopy] Ira Wolfe Obituary A1 (align with next two photocopies)
[Photocopy] Ira Wolfe Obituary A2
[Photocopy] Ira Wolfe Obituary A3 (align with prior two photocopies)
The columns of the three pictures above were aligned.

1916 More obituaries for Ira Wolfe: [Photocopy] B, [Photocopy] C, [Photocopy] Florida.

1916 Page from diary of Hazel Grill: [Photocopy] The personal journal of Hazel Grill, who lived in Darke County, listed Ira's death (bottom left page). [30]

Picture of the intersection where Ira died, taken in 2004. It was still dangerous when great-grandson Robert Wolfe visited in 2004.

Union City railroad intersection where Ira Wolfe died.

1917 Clara V Wolfe (widow of Ira), Homer (installer at 654 Reibold Building), Grace B (stenographer at 654 Reibold Building), and John (clerk at 654 Reibold Building), lived at 610 W River, Dayton, Ohio. [31]Video history of Reibold Building, Dayton.

1918 Clara V Wolfe (widow of Ira), Homer (rubberworker), Grace B (stenographer), and John (clerk at 654 Reibold Building), lived at 610 W River, Dayton, Ohio. [32]

1919 Homer M (assembler), Grace B (stenographer at 117 D Perry), John, Faith G, and Clara Wolfe (widow of Ira) lived at 121 South Creighton Ave, Dayton, Ohio. [33]

1920 Clara Wolfe (age 57) lived in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio with children Homer (age 23, a student at bible college), Grace (age 30, a typist), John (age 18, office labor at Elective Manufacturing), and Faith (age 16). [34]

1921 Grace B, stenographer, and John, clerk, and Faith G, clerk, and Clara Wolfe, widow of Ira, lived at 402 W Edgewood, Dayton, Ohio. [35]

1922 Clara Wolfe (widow of Ira), Faith G (clerk), Grace B (stenographer at The Dayton Airless Tire Company), Homer N, and John F (clerk at 334 N Taylor) lived at 402 W Edgewood, Dayton, Ohio. [36]

1925 Clara Wolfe(widow of Ira) lived at 231 N Williams, Dayton, Ohio. Ranald M Wolfe (student) lived at the same address. Charles Wolfe (driver) lived with Petrovna at the same address. [37]

1926 Clara Wolfe(widow of Ira) lived at 231 N Williams, Dayton, Ohio. Ranald M Wolfe (student) lived at the same address. Charles Wolfe (driver) lived with Petrovna at the same address. [38]

1928 Clara Wolfe, widow Ira Wolfe, lived at 2223 N Peak Ave, Dallas Texas. [39]

1930 On 7 April, Clara Wolfe lived in Dayton with her oldest son Charles Wolfe and his wife Petrovna. [40]

1930 Clara Wolfe, widow of Ira Wolfe, lived at 2223 N Peak Ave, Dallas Texas. [41]


Homer, Clara, Grace, and Faith Wolfe. [42]

1936 Clara Wolfe, widow Ira Wolfe, lived at 2223 N Peak Ave, Dallas Texas. [43]

1936 Clara and daughter Grace Wolfe visited Clara's grandson Ranald Wolfe for a four generation picture in October.

Ranald, Clara (Brenizer), Julia (Good), Grace, baby Ramon, Charles, Gladys, Petrovna (Pickett) Wolfe.

1937 Clara's sister Anna Mary reported that Clara Wolfe was living in El Paso, Texas, in a letter to grand-daughter Mildred.

c 1938-39 Clara Wolfe lived with daughter Grace Wolfe Wilson in Dallas Texas. Homer’s family lived together in the same household, perhaps about 1938-39. [44]

1942 17 September, Clara Wolfe died. "Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday at 2 p. m. from the Fraze funeral home in Union City for Mrs. Clara Wolfe, 80, a former resident of Union City, who died Thursday at her home in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Wolfe, formerly Clara Brenizer, left the Union City community about 30 years ago. The husband of the deceased, Ira Wolfe, will be remembered as having been killed in Greenville approximately 32 years ago. Surviving are a cousin, J. B. Eichelberger, 115 Franklin street, Union City, O.; three sons, Charles, of Dayton, John and Homer, of Dallas; two daughters, Mrs. Grace Wilson, of Dallas, and Mrs. Faith Betts, of Ocala, Fla. Mrs. Wilson and John will accompany the body to Union City arriving over the New York Central at 8:05 p. m. today. Friends may call at the funeral home until the hour of the service. Burial will be in the Union City cemetery." [45] Funeral Services were at Weever Chapel, E. Weever Funeral Home, 2533 McKinney Ave., Dallas, Texas. Website Clara Wolfe obituary at Darke County website.

1942 The death of Mrs Clara Wolfe was recorded on 17 September in Dallas, Texas at age 79 years 11 months 3 days. Her mother's name was listed as Sarah Wise (sic), should be Sarah Weigle [Mary Wise was her grandmother on the Brenizer side][46]

1942 [Photocopy] Poem by Grace Wolfe Wilson about Clara Wolfe.

1942 Clara Wolfe was buried with Ira Wolfe at the Union City cemetery on the Indiana side.

Graves of Ira and Clara Wolfe, Union City Cemetery, Indiana (taken c 2005).

1942 Grandson Ranald Wolfe wrote to son Charles Wolfe when Clara Wolfe died. [Photocopy] Letter from Ranald to Charles Wolfe when Clara died, Page 1. [Photocopy] Letter from Ranald to Charles Wolfe when Clara died, Page 2.

1942 Clara Wolfe's brother, Jacob Brenizer, wrote a letter to Grace Wolfe expressing sorrow at the death of Clara. "Received your sad wire of Dear sisters death so unexpected as I had not heard of her illness. Sorry I am so far away impossible to come to you to be with you in your bereavement. Nellie (Jacob's daughter) lost her husband in the Gulf his boat a tanker was torpedoed by a sub July the 9th. She worried so much I sent her to Chicago to visit friends to take her mind away from her troubles. I am feeling as usal awful hot here every day. Give my love to the Boys and Charley Alls my sympathy to All Write me soon as to particulars. from your ever remembering uncle Jack (Jacob) Brenizer. #123-6th Av. Jacksonville Beach, Florida." [Photocopy] Clara's brother Jacob Brenizer's letter to Grace Wolfe, 1942.

1942 Clara Wolfe's sister-in-law Mattie, the widow of her brother John Brenizer, wrote a letter to Grace expressing sorrow at the loss. "My dearest Miss grace - Just a few lines to say I am so sorry to hear of your Mother's death. I really loved her as a sister even tho we never met but I have her letters she had written me & they were so sweet I want to keep them as a memory. The piece in the Gospel Broadcast was so sweet & it brought back sad memories for me but I can only say I do know how to Sympathize with you all when we loose love ones it makes us all grieve. do wish I had knowsn her better but it was impossible Iukie just felt as if she knew her & every day she reads the piece and carried it for her teacher to read also I have let several of my friends read it. it was such a beautiful tribute to her. Now I don't want you al to forget us on the children account. & let me know the address of the others I sent your bro John a card hope he gets it. I must close & you write us often please. With all my love and sympathy . Your Aunt Mattie p.s. please call me Mattie." [Photocopy] Mattie (widow of Clara's brother John) Brenizer's letter to Grace Wolfe, 1942.

1949 Daughter Grace Wolfe Wilson wrote two poems as a tribute: [Photocopy] Poem for Clara Wolfe by Grace Wolfe. [Transcription] Poem for Clara Wolfe by Grace Wolfe.

1958 Several of their children gathered at Colorado Springs in the Rockies in Colorado.

From left to right are Homer Wolfe, Eunice Sweet Wolfe, Elizabeth Kirby Wolfe, John Wolfe, Homer Jr's wife, Homer Jr's son Terry, Faith Betts, and Clyde Betts.
Taken 1958 at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Research Notes:

1886 "Lamar made history in May of 1886 when local renegades stole the Blackwell Station, from railroad mile post 499 and moved it to the location where it now sits in the center of Lamar. Slipping in before the court ordered injunction to protect Mr. Black's right to keep the Blackwell Station, "Platters" stole the station, moved it three miles west, and tossed the sign aside and mounted a new sign named Lamar." [http://lamarco.us/, Lamar, Colorado website with video about station theft]. Although there is no evidence that Ira Wolfe was involved in this incident, he was involved in land speculation in Lamar, Colorado.

1890-91 Ira J. Wolfe, possibly this Ira, was listed in the Kansas City, Kansas Directory. R. L. Polk Co., 1890 at r[esidence] 306 s[outh] 5th. [47]


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