Miss Moneytree Mystery #45 - Inverted Paragraph Style
(for those readers with even less time to read)

When the police came to take Cyril away, Emily thanked everyone for an enjoyable stay, and took off down the road in her brown Bentley roadster.

"All right, I'll tell you," said Cyril, indignantly. "I did it because she loved me too much. I'm a loner, and someday I'd have left her. I couldn't stand to hurt her like that, so I killed her."

"But why did you do it, Cyril?" implored Ruth.

"I'll tell you who did it," Emily reassured, "and it wasn't Lady Elaine. She didn't have time to get from the master bedroom to the garage, kill Jill, make a light breakfast, and get back upstairs before the dog awoke. No, it was Cyril, who owned a dog sleep whistle for just such an occasion and who never ate breakfast. Cyril killed Jill, and he's probably wetting himself right now at the thought of being romantically pursued by large burly men in leg irons."

"It was Lady Elaine" retorted Kevin. "I saw her two days before the killing, sitting down as if weary from plotting a murder. She had always resented Jill for trying to fool her once with Taster's Choice. In fact, I recently heard Lady Elaine say that if she never drank coffee at a quaint New England bed & breakfast run by a buxom young daughter of a trillionaire again, it would be too soon."

"I think it was Kevin," Lady Elaine decided. "Kevin has always been the clumsy sort, and his mishaps invariably lead to tragic result. You remember the time he was walking with a big board, and someone called to him. Well, he turned right around and smacked cousin Stanley in the face with that board. And what about the time he was eating a banana and tossed the peel carelessly to the ground right as Sir Reginald was passing by blindfolded? I wouldn't say he stabbed, hung, drew and quartered Jill on purpose, but accidents do seem to happen with him."

"I've called you all here for a reason," announced Miss Emily Moneytree. "Since Thursday I've been searching for clues in the mysterious death of Jill Weathersby - the one who was found dead out by the garage - that Jill. I have interrupted my vacation from whatever it is I do for a living to help solve this gruesome mystery, and I have found the answer. The killer is sitting right here in this room, and surprisingly, he looks like the most innocent one among us."

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