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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quote de l'année

I can't even pretend to have a quote du jour any more. But here's one from Bob Harris, commenting on poll results that show that the leader for the Democratic presidential nomination is a woman half of American voters say they'd never, ever vote for:
Shouldn't we all be stepping back to marvel at just how dysfunctional our electoral system so obviously is? Bad enough our campaign finance structure and winner-takes-all system limit the spectrum of "mainstream" political opinion from conventional suck to full-blown delusional. But we're still more than a year away from the actual election, and our most likely leaders for the next four years have already been winnowed down mostly to people we already can't bloody stand.
I should point out that that poll was obviously flawed. Dennis Kucinich came in second as a candidate Americans said they'd never, ever vote for--at 49%. And you and I both know that the percentage of American voters who have never even heard of Kucinich is way more than 49%. And I'd suggest that Hillary's 50% is low--every Republican and half of the Democrats despise her. The Dumbos demonstrated in 2004 how to lose an unloseable election, and they can do it again if they nominate Shillary.