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Monday, January 29, 2007

I think they just like playing God

Not talking about the Bushies this time--talking about Pfizer. After Pfizer's stunning announcement last week that they're bugging out of Ann Arbor, taking 2100 jobs with them, I shared the aerial photos I posted here with my colleagues at work. One responded quickly, pointing out that the construction I noted in that post wasn't the half of it: Some of the buildings in the 2000 photo were brand new, and Pfizer has bought, built and remodeled numerous other properties in the area, outside of what is shown in the photos. Amazing.

Then today another colleague sent me a link to this article about the infamous Kelo vs. New London eminent domain case, which I have written about before. In that case, decided by the Supreme Court in the summer of 2005, the Supremes voted 5-4 that the city of New London, Connecticut could use its power of eminent domain for the purpose of private development. The decision was immensely unpopular across the political spectrum, taking people's homes so that big corporations could use the land as they see fit (in the name of economic development). The biggest corporation involved in the development project? One guess.

They're abandoning hundreds of millions of dollars of investment here, disrupting thousands of lives, and moving jobs to facilities newly-built on land taken from people who desperately did not want to move. To be fair, the people were paid for their land and houses. But why be fair to a scumbag corporation like Pfizer, apparently just jerking people around because they can?

I wonder if this is maybe some sort of reward to Holy Joe Lieberman for being the worst person on earth. Who knows--it makes no sense.