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Monday, December 18, 2006

Bizarre thought du jour

Some day, decades or centuries from now, the people of Iraq will thank George Bush. It may be after many years of civil war, followed by numerous dictators as bad or worse than Saddam Hussein, and perhaps several other invasions. So why would the Iraqi people of the future thank George Bush? Because THEIR ancestors were not among the millions of people who died because of Bush's criminal war. Same reason we celebrate Columbus Day.

The whole thing is really a gigantic exercise in genetic engineering, combined with a decided prejudice in favor of still-hypothetical future Iraqis at the expense of the current models. Bush and his cronies in the American power elite decided that the lives of those future Iraqis are worth far more than the lives of current Iraqis.

And that's if you actually believe the crap Bush says. Personally, I have no doubt that he hates future Iraqis just as much as present-day ones.