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Monday, November 06, 2006

Giving away nuclear secrets

You've probably already read about how the Bushies posted documents which "constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb." Chris Floyd adds a lot to the story, including how these postings, intended supposedly to let wingnut researchers conduct their own trial of Saddam (as if one kangaroo court weren't enough), also provide plenty of evidence for the trial of pretty much the entire Bush family and US foreign policy in general.

Of course, the wingnuts have already demonstrated that they have no concept of time, believing that this evidence that Iraq at one time (16 years ago) WAS close to building a bomb means that Iraq would ALWAYS be close to building a bomb, despite years of inspections, sanctions, and destruction. And even if Iraq wasn't close to building a bomb, by George they wanted to and might one day, therefore we just had to invade. What could possibly go wrong with that?