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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

80% of New York Democrats vote for pro-war Shillary

I've got lots of campaign money! I don't need a conscience!

NY Times:
In the New York race, Mrs. Clinton’s landslide carried its own broader significance. By performing strongly among a liberal, antiwar primary electorate, she showed that her vote for military action in Iraq in 2002 did not damage her political standing...

Mrs. Clinton's little-known opponent in New York, a union organizer named Jonathan Tasini, tried to tap into voter anger over Iraq, yet he had little money and did not effectively turn the race into a message-sending moment about the war.

"Clinton's work ethic, her lack of enemies, and her fund-raising help for other Democrats have insulated her from party criticism, including on Iraq," said Ken Sherrill, a political scientist at Hunter College. "I got a taped phone call from Susan Sarandon urging support for Tasini, but that's all I really heard about him."
Follow the money. One person, one vote is a joke in this country. Our government is for sale to the highest bidder. Just like Tom DeLay, Shillary has been funneling her ill-gotten funds to members of her own party, buying their silence and blocking any real hope of a true opposition party.

She's just as bad as Holy Joe, people, and more dangerous, because she has a realistic chance of being our next (awful) pResident.