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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quote du jour

Every day, the Regime makes it abundantly, overwhelmingly, undeniably clear that there is only one thing that sick poor people--and used-up soldiers and chained-up prisoners--can do to play their part in Bush's noble vision for American society: they should all slink off into the dark somewhere and die.

That is the very quintessence of Bushism. That is now the actual, actionable platform of the modern Republican Party. This is the reality they want to create behind the words "the United States of America."
-- Chris Floyd, whose latest post discusses three recent news stories about recent Badministration efforts to 1) Cut funding for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center even as IED's in Iraq and Afghanistan are swelling the number of brain-damaged servicemen and women; 2) Loosen regulations on using prisoners for drug testing; and 3) Huge cuts in Medicaid funding.