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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Merkel and Smirkel

Herr Bush and Frau Merkel were having such fun together the other day:

Apparently aWol misread the signals:

That was at the G-8 summit, no less, with Elvis and Pooty-Poot and Laura's debonaire French friend and everybody there. YouTube has the video.

Chris Floyd comments:
What's more disturbing here? The fact that Bush has goosed the German Chancellor at a high-level summit meeting? Or the completely zonked-out look on his face? Is he on Halcion, like dear old dad? Or is it Old Grandad again? Has there ever been such a goon in charge of a vast nuclear arsenal? Lord have mercy on us all.

To which I'll add: Did even Bill Clinton flirt this much, with world leaders of both sexes, when Hillary was along on the trip?