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Thursday, June 08, 2006

They're just daring us to call them liars

Pictures from the "Zarqawi" "hit" (via Yahoo!):

The neighborhood:

Note that the neighborhood has lots of trees. There is a large open space without trees to the bottom of the picture--but it is also without buildings.

The house:

Note how tall the trees are and the proportions between the trunks and the crowns, and how isolated the house appears--more like an isolated villa.


So--Where are the trees??? Where in the top photo could the photographer possibly be standing to take this photo, showing several buildings, but not a single tree?

Oh, there's a tree, looking barely over one story tall--hardly one of the 60-footers from the second photo. And it sure looks like more than one house was destroyed.

Oops! No trees again.

Oh, there they are! Maybe the air strike shortened them by 40 feet (Okay, maybe it's one of those weird camera-perspective things--but compare the proportions of the trees to those in the second photo). And what about the trees right next to the house? Was the blast so massive as to obliterate every living thing??? So how come this guy looks so intact, relatively speaking?

The mainstream media obviously won't, but I will. Liars! Liars! Liars!