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Thursday, May 04, 2006

More money for war

The Senate today approved a $109 billion emergency spending bill. From the WaPo:
The Senate bill includes $65.7 billion in war-related funding, $28.8 billion to aid hurricane recovery in Mississippi and Louisiana and $3.9 billion for levees and flood control projects in Louisiana.
There you have it--twice as much to continue destroying another country as they're willing to spend rebuilding ours. BTW, every Democrat who voted supported the bill. Thus is the level of opposition. W is threatening to veto the bill because it has additional money in it for port security and highway and transit projects.
"Congress is considering a piece of legislation that will test its commitment to spending restraint," Bush said yesterday in an address to the American Council of Engineering Companies in Washington. "I've requested a bill that would provide emergency funds for the war on terror and hurricane relief. Unfortunately, there are some here in Washington trying to load that bill up with unnecessary spending."
It's got $65.7 billion in unnecessary spending on the so-called "war on terror." What a screwed-up set of priorities the two wings of the ruling party have.

And in case you were wondering, the WaPo DOES tally Senate vote totals by astrological sign.