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Monday, April 17, 2006

What's news and what isn't

The US military killed a whole bunch of civilians in Afghanistan over the weekend and Iraq continues to disintegrate with dozens killed every day. But one bomb goes off in Tel Aviv and it's the main story on the CNN, NY Times and WaPo web sites, chasing the other stories off the main page almost entirely. Of course, last week's brutal shelling in Gaza by the Israelis went basically unnoticed. Like all of them: Haaretz says that "Hundreds of IDF artillery shells are being fired daily, along with air strikes, missiles and cannons from naval vessels offshore."

Of course, the rest of the world knows what is going on in Gaza. Arab nations called for condemnation of the Israeli shelling in the UN Security Council, which was of course blocked by Israel's representative on the UNSC, the US. On the other hand, the White House has already condemned the Tel Aviv bombing.