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Monday, April 03, 2006

They owe us??

I see that Condiliar has picked up where Senator Levin left off, suggesting that the Iraqis OWE US the favor of organizing a properly submissive puppet government ASAP:
"They've got to get a prime minister who can actually form the government," Ms. Rice said after a meetings on Sunday with Iraqi leaders--which included a visibly uncomfortable photo session with Mr. Jaafari--inside the Green Zone, the fortified part of Baghdad that houses the Iraqi government and American Embassy. She added, "I told them that a lot of treasure, a lot of human treasure, has been put on the line to give Iraq the chance to have a democratic future."
Nine more "human treasures" died yesterday. When W wrote Congress explaining his reasons for going to war in 2003, a "chance to have a democratic future" was not mentioned. The war was started in order to eliminate a non-existent threat and to enforce UN resolutions which were not being violated. Every day it continues is another war crime. Iraq owes us nothing; quite the opposite.