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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Goodbye Howard

Via Cyndy, I found John L. Mann's farewell letter to Howard Dean and the Dumbocrats. Excerpt:
How could you possibly let this happen, Howard? How can there possibly be a debate on whether or not the president has power to conduct warrantless clandestine NSA surveillance on American citizens? Common Americans held in thrall by fear intentionally propagated by administration officials and corporate media may have some doubts, but Howard, you and I know full well that the American Revolution was fought in very large part to remove this misuse of power from the hands of our nation's original "unitary executive," formerly known as "king."

And Howard, it's not just warrantless surveillance. It's outrageous, paranoid intrusiveness joined with secretiveness and an utter dearth of accountability. It's Capitol Hill lobbyists composing the actual verbiage of critical legislation directly and positively impacting their clients. It's teetering health care stretched to its limits by insatiable dollar demands put on it by the insurance industry- a parasite intermediary that now dominates medical practice and altogether too often dictates life or death dispensation of treatment. It's corporate welfare and destruction of the middle class and the environment. It's the weaponization of space and the spurning of viable international treaties. It's the deterioration of domestic infrastructure and a failing educational system. It's an incessant pursuit of war and human exploitation.

You see what I'm getting at Howard? Simply put, it's evident that way too many Democrats care more about their political status and sinecures than they do the their personal honor-when it's called into play for upholding and defending the Constitution, genuinely serving the people of the United States and securing our freedoms.

Virtually all the serious Democratic presidential pretenders are in favor of the Bush Doctrine of Preemptive Warfare. That's just great. Among other things, it clearly indicates that just because Democrats don't have a current poster boy for corruption in the same league as Jack Abramoff, they've consciously opted to continue their dependence on the oceans of easy special interest money to which political survival holds them equally hostage.
Maybe somebody can put that letter to the tune of the Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl." Maybe I will:

Maryann went out lookin'
For a party without cowards
Wanda looked all around this town
And all she found was Howard
It didn't take long to decide...
That Howard had to go
Goodbye Howard
That anti-war talk
sounded good to me, Howard
Now you're acting weak
Why do you lay down
Like sheep, Howard?
Don't it stink
Being trounced by that twirp, Howard?