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Thursday, January 19, 2006

PCR on Gore's speech

Paul Craig Roberts calls Al Gore's address Monday "the most important political speech in my lifetime."
Bush is angry at the New York Times and at the government officials who leaked the story that Bush illegally spied on American citizens. Both may be prosecuted for making Bush's illegal behavior public. By ignoring Gore's speech, is the New York Times signaling to Bush that the newspaper is willing to be a lap dog in exchange for not being prosecuted?
Gore challenged the American people to step up to the task of defending the Constitution, a task abandoned by the media, the law schools, and the Democratic and Republican parties. If we fail, darkness will close around us.
[Update] A reader points me to this article from the NY Times, showing that the Times did indeed cover Gore's speech. Perhaps it never made it to the print edition? If anyone has copies of Tuesday's NY Times and could check to see if the Gore speech was covered, I'd appreciate it.