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Monday, January 16, 2006

A Canadian comments

There's one of those quibbling little posts which seem to dominate the Democratic blogs (Atrios, Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, etc.--as opposed to liberal/progressive blogs) over at TPM Cafe, debating the best position for Dumbocrats to take with regard to war with Iran. What's the best strategy for winning Congressional seats in November? Calls for restraint and limited war, or grabbing the hawk side of the argument before W has completely grabbed it? Missing from the discussion, of course, is the fact that war with Iran would be, if possible, even more criminal, deadly, and dangerous to the US and the world than the incredibly criminal, deadly and dangerous war in Iraq.

Missing from the argument, that is, until Canadian Den Valdron chimes in. His comment begins:
Speaking as a Canadian who is fond of judicious language, I feel that this situation deserves careful and measured thought. So let me just open with:

Is your entire f*cking country on crack??? Are all you Americans out of your cotton picking minds??? Are you completely freaking delusional? Homicidal? Psychotic? Have you lost any shred of a moral compass? WHAT IN THE NAME OF JESUS H. CHRIST ON A CRUTCH IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!!
Questions I wish I could answer for Den. Den goes on to explain all of the reasons why even starting a discussion about war with Iran is completely insane. All I can tell Den is that yes, America is out of its mind, it is freaking delusional, it is homicidal and it is psychotic.

The road map is depressingly clear--2002 becomes 2006. As the last war becomes hopelessly bogged down and futile looking (it was Afghanistan in 2002, Iraq this year) Ahminajad continues to get demonized, to the point where even Americans who can't pronounce "nuclear" correctly can say his name with accuracy and disgust. Dick and Condi make speeches about the threat, and the new product, war with Iran, is unveiled just as W comes back from vacation in September. The Abramoff, Plame, Medicare and all other scandals are put on the way-back burner. Dumbocrats crawl all over each other trying to appear tough, until they are boxed into a corner on a war resolution. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden make speeches on the Senate floor describing the terrible consequences of a nuclear Iran, and the resolution passes. The Dems lose even more seats in Congress in November, and the war begins in March, with 85% of Americans "supporting the troops."

W doesn't know much, but he knows from experience: "Fool you once, shame on you. Fool you twice--you'll get fooled again and again and again."