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Friday, December 09, 2005

Even worse than I recalled

Digging up the archives of my 2002 proto-blog, I came across this little gem:
U.N., Iraq Agree on Inspection Terms The chief U.N. weapons inspector for Iraq said on Tuesday that tentative agreement has been reached with Baghdad on the return of his team to check for the presence of illegal, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

The Iraqi representatives have said "that they accept all the rights of inspections that are laid down" in previous resolutions authorizing U.N. inspections, said the chief inspector, Hans Blix.
The quote was from the NY Times, October 1, 2002. (I had a link back then, but it's broken now.) October 1 was about ten days BEFORE Congress voted to authorize aWol to go to war with Iraq. Many in Congress said, both before the vote and afterward (and even now,) that they voted for the war hoping to pressure Saddam into letting inspectors back in. But Saddam had already agreed!! So any congresscritter who claims that he voted for the resolution not to go to war, but to pressure Saddam, is a lying SOB. But you knew that already.