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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Quote du Jour

"The FTAA has stalled, I agree." -- George aWol Bush, yesterday.

Excellent! The FTAA, or Free Trade Area of the Americas (ALCA is the Spanish acronym), threatened to be NAFTA on steroids, pitting American workers against sweatshop labor throughout the Western hemisphere, while also pitting poor farmers throughout Latin America against wasteful, subsidized US agribusiness. In other words, like NAFTA it would have hurt the many to benefit the few--in all countries involved. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez probably deserves the most credit for stalling FTAA, and hopefully for stopping the insidious creep of the crime of "globalization."

According to the BBC article, W is now counting on the Doha round of the WTO to "trump the FTAA" because "the Doha round not only involves our neighbourhood, it involves the whole world."

Shorter W: "One way, or another, we're gonna screw you."

W is heading to a 34-nation summit in Argentina on Friday. I hope he gets the reception he so richly deserves.