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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Patriot Act Redux

Congress may renew the Patriot Act--I'll renew my call to stop them! The ACLU has some talking points for your phone calls to your Congresscritters:
  • Please take a stand for civil liberties. Vote no on the Patriot Act reauthorization bill.
  • This bill does not require a connection to a suspected terrorist for the FBI to get sensitive personal records. And it actually makes the Patriot Act worse by making it nearly impossible to overturn a gag order, creating fines for business people who donít turn over sensitive records, and punishing unauthorized disclosures that gag our First Amendment rights.
  • Donít cave in to the White Houseís scare tactics. True patriots would vote against this attack on our Constitutional freedoms and civil liberties.
  • Americans want Patriot Act Reform. People from across the political spectrum are opposed to the Patriot Act reauthorization bill, including the over 400 state and local governments that passed resolutions against the Patriot Act.
Go here to find the phone numbers of your critters, and then CALL!!!!