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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Colin Powell--Scumbag Extraordinaire

Jonathan at a Tiny Revolution makes a fairly comprehensive case that General Colin Powell, the supposed voice of reason in aWol's first term, is, was and always will be a lying liar.

To which I'll add: Remember the last 37 days of hope in America, those days when it still seemed possible that we wouldn't be subjected to yet another, and even worse, George Bush as pResident? The Rovians kept claiming, in spite of all evidence, that they had won the election. In early December they trotted General Powell, beloved genocider of the Vietnam, Panama and Gulf War crimes, as their Secretary of State. Powell's calm, articulate manner and completely bogus record as a war hero was played up by the media as evidence that another Bush administration would be run by grownups. When the Supremes overturned the Constitution and gave the election to the loser, there was not nearly enough outrage (and I'll confess I wasn't outraged myself--I didn't like either Bush or Gore, and at the time had no idea how advanced the Repug mafia's agenda already was). For the next two years, they kept up the charade that Powell was the voice of reason, working to restrain the neocons and demanding that they work through the UN. And then, at the critical moment, Powell goes to the UN and LIES, LIES, LIES. For this he should rot in hell for all eternity, as soon as his life sentence at Gitmo expires.