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Friday, September 30, 2005

Globaloney man moonlights as genocide man

Flat-earther Tom Friedman thinks the time is approaching when the US should just up and help 3/4 of Iraqis massacre the other 1/4--some six million people:
Maybe the cynical Europeans were right. Maybe this neighborhood is just beyond transformation. That will become clear in the next few months as we see just what kind of minority the Sunnis in Iraq intend to be. If they come around, a decent outcome in Iraq is still possible, and we should stay to help build it. If they won’t, then we are wasting our time. We should arm the Shiites and Kurds and leave the Sunnis of Iraq to reap the wind. We must not throw more good American lives after good American lives for people who hate others more than they love their own children.
--via The Poorman.

Of course, there are precedents. Prescott Bush was funding the Nazis while the US was arming the Soviet Union back in WWII. We armed BOTH SIDES of the bloody Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's, helping to kill hundreds of thousands of Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds. We encouraged Iraq to invade Kuwait, and then bombed the crap out of it for doing so, and then immediately encouraged the Shiites to rise up and kill their Sunni oppressors, and then abandoned them to their deaths when they did so. (Watch Three Kings if you haven't done so--great movie.) So now the Bangaloron thinks the time is approaching when we should abandon the insane enterprise for which he was such a vocal cheerleader--but not before making sure that we leave millions dead in our wake.