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Monday, August 22, 2005

Bush Quagmire I

From the NY Times:
This year is already the deadliest for American soldiers in Afghanistan since the war of 2001, and the violence is likely to intensify before the nation's legislative elections on Sept. 18.

Four soldiers were killed Sunday, meaning that 13 have been killed in August alone. Sixty-five Americans have been killed this year.

The latest four were killed when a roadside bomb hit their vehicle in the south. Three others were wounded in that bombing, the American military said. And two United States Embassy employees were wounded when their convoy was hit by an explosion close to Kabul, the capital, the military said.
Despite the near-unanimous approval of Congress (Bless you, Barbara Lee!), the war in Afghanistan, like the war in Iraq, was a pre-planned war of choice undertaken on flimsy or blatantly false evidence. The FBI director said that he had no evidence linking Afghanistan to 9/11. Didn't matter. The Bushies decide who they want to go to war with, then they go to war. Evidence shmevidence.