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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Most amazing excuse yet

I just got back from a second and last trip to this year's art fair. On my way back to the bus stop, I passed through the non-profit area one more time, dropping some good words and a couple of more bucks on the Amnesty International people. I was then going to head down to the Michigan Peaceworks and ACLU booths when I heard someone call my name. This guy I know, Matt, from the UM Ballroom Dance Club was sitting at the Republican Party table, looking to pick a fight. (He's actually usually a nice guy--he just has this dark Repug side to him.) He knew he'd get a fight from me, since I had given him some anti-war flyers a couple of years ago.

Anyway, I was pointing out that Bush had lied us into a war and made things worse by doing so. Matt replied with this brilliant argument: The "weapons of mass destruction" on 9/11 were the terrorists themselves; Saddam Hussein had been exporting terrorists (i.e. "WMD's") for years; and these were the WMD's that Bush was really talking about. I told Matt that Bush talked about uranium from Africa and anthrax and pilotless planes, not young men, as being the reason for starting the war. Matt says "that's just a cover, and that I have a 'hardware' fixation."

I remember wondering back in 2003 if Matt would admit his error if it were eventually proven that Bush was lying about everything. I guess now I know.

Bush/Cheney: It's not a lie, it's a cover!