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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lucky Fallujans

FALLUJAH, Iraq United States Marine Corps 5th Civil Affairs Group and the United States Army Corps of Engineers kicked off the Property Lease Program here last week.

Leases were drawn up for local residents whose homes were or are currently occupied by coalition forces.

Lump sum payments were also made to eligible homeowners for the total time their houses were being used. The payment will include the amount of rent owed through Sept. 30, 2005.

The II Marine Expeditionary Force set aside about $125,000 in Operations and Maintenance money to pay for three series of payments with the first June 13.

About 94 leases are expected to be signed and completed during the first phase. On the first day of the program, about 40 were completed.
I'm guessing they're not renting this home:

More photos from Fallujah

I wonder if the militants who killed 344 civilians in Beslan last September paid rent for the three days they occupied the school. How about the Nazis in Holland, or the Japanese in Nanking, or the Visigoths in Rome? See, we're MUCH more civilized. When we lay waste to a country, we at least pay some rent.