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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bolton and Bustani and Kerry and Downing

Under the Same Sun reminds us that the US, and John Bolton in particular, was instrumental in forcing the removal of Brazilian Jose Bustani out as head of The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons back in April 2002. Bustani was trying to get Iraq to join the Chemical Weapons Convention, which would have enabled OPCW inspectors to go in and verify what the Bushies already knew but very much did not want verified--that Sadaam Hussein had few if any chemical weapons. No weapons, no excuse for war. No Bustani, no proof of no weapons.

Under the Same Sun links to a George Monbiot article describing the coup against Bustani. I linked to the same article in my protoblog (scroll down to April 17, near the bottom). Monbiot points out that Bustani was doing an excellent job as head of the OPCW--far too excellent for our government, not only threatening to blow the lid off their Iraq WMD scam, but even suggesting that US chemical weapons sites be inspected.

In 2002, I was pretty new at the blogging game, having fewer favorite sources and knowing a lot less history than I do now. But I knew, even in April 2002, that the "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" by the Bushies. I don't doubt that our Congresscritters, with their years of experience, huge staffs, and access to secret information, could see it as well. That they didn't call "BS" on Bush and stop the nonsense, and instead voted for the mayhem we continue to experience, makes them fully complicit.

Speaking of fully complicit, whatever happened to Kerry's big speech about the Downing Street Memo he said he was going to make yesterday? The only links I find from a Google news search are to articles asking the same question--why did Kerry wimp out?

Wimp is as wimp does, I guess.