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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


George Snufalopogus and his Nightline guests managed to talk for half an hour last night without ever mentioning that oil is a finite resource, that new discoveries have lagged far behind extraction for decades, that the oil that remains will be harder and more costly to get, or that oil production must and will peak, and likely soon. As far as former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and the slick writer from the Economist (I can't recall his name) were concerned, all this is is a hump to be gotten over with a little diplomacy and some token efforts at conservation and alternative energy. Richardson's main point was that the Bushies should be using diplomacy with our "allies" like Saudi Arabia to get the cheap oil flowing again.

It goes without saying that George's guest list did not include Richard Heinberg, Kenneth Deffeyes, Matthew Simmons, Colin Campbell, Michael Ruppert, or anyone else to speak about peak oil.

And another thing, George. Venezuela's president's name is Hugo CHA-vez, not "sha-VEZ." You probably don't know how annoying it is when names get pronounced wrong, do you, Mr. Snufalopogus?