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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm gonna do what now?

From a CNN story on the four car bombings in Baghdad this morning:
Despite the loss of life, Murray said all of the suicide bombers failed to hit their intended targets.

"Out of the four car bombs in Baghdad ... in every case, there was an Iraqi soldier either from the Iraqi army or the Iraqi national guard or an Iraqi policemen that prevented that car bomb from getting to its intended target," [3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry commander Col. Mike] Murray said.

"As tragic as it is, there were some Iraqi security forces that paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect their countrymen, the same way that they're going to do on election day."
That ought to encourage them! Way to go, Col. Mike!

BTW, Col. Mike, don't you think that the Iraqi national guard or policeman may have been at least a secondary target?

I swear, if these guys had had a volleyball game scheduled on the beach in Aceh on the morning of December 26, they would have gone ahead with it even as they watched the tsunami arrive. That's pretty much what this Iraqi election is going to be like.