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Friday, January 21, 2005

Freedom on the March

Speaking of spreading freedom, the WaPo says that the prison camps maintained by the US in Iraq are almost full, with about 9,000 prisoners, and more every day. If Venezuela, say, arrested thousands of opponents in advance of an election, what would the US say about that?
Whatever it was, the WaPo would be screaming that it wasn't harsh enough. And hey, it works in Florida--forever! Cop drops some weed in a black guy's car and he can't vote--for life.

I saw bits of aWol's coronation speech on the Daily show, and have seen a few quotes. The general consensus seems to be that he made "freedom" and "liberty" sound like some bad medicine that we're going to force down the throats of the world, even if it kills them. Which I think is pretty much how he sees "freedom." The scariest thing is that there is probably still a large segment of the population (51%?) who actually believes this BS.