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Friday, December 17, 2004

Monsanto! Ugh! What is it good for? Absolutely Nuthin!

From the Organic Consumers Association:
A well-respected and popular professor at the University of California in Berkeley has been fired after publishing a scientific paper regarding the uncontrolled contamination of irreplaceable native Mexican corn varieties by genetically engineered corn. Dr. Ignacio Chapela, whose corn contamination article was published in the science journal "Nature," was denied his tenure due to pressure from the biotech company Monsanto on the University (the UC Berkeley tenure review panel had actually voted almost unanimously to approve his tenure). Professor Chapela has been told to have his office cleaned out by December 31. Sign a petition to demand a review of Dr. Chapela's tenure denial. Sign here.
The genetically-mutant scumbags at Monsanto used a bunch of subterfuge and dirty tricks in waging this campaign. If you're looking for a corporation more criminal than Enron or Halliburton, Monsanto's the one.