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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hijo de Puta

That's what the new Homeland Insanity director is, figuratively AND literally (translation--son of a whore). Bernard Kerik, high-school dropout, rose to the top of the NYPD by kissing Giuliani's butt. Since 9/11, Kerik has been kissing W's butt. And while he appears to be relatively unqualified (although how many qualifications do you need to play with colors?), the Bushies are excited because he "brings 9/11 symbolism into the cabinet."

The WSWS has more, and Michelle has much more on Kerik.

I'm to the point where I think trying to bring down the Bushies politically or legally is pointless. Not only are we unlikely to succeed with recounts or impeachments, but we would be wasting time that could be better spent. The Bushies are going to collapse from their own incompetence--the question is how much of the world will they drag down with them? It seems certain that the global economy will collapse with them--our goal is to prepare as best we can for that eventuality.