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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Go Ahnuld!

Governor Gropengrabber is taking on the girlie men of the auto industry, promising to defend California's new law regulating greenhouse gas emissions (effectively requiring higher fuel efficiency). Nine automakers have filed suit to block the new regulation.

Even Toyota, which would have a near-monopoly in California while the other manufacturers get their acts together, joined the suit:
"This regulation would limit consumer choice and increase vehicle prices," said Jim Press, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Toyota's United States sales operation. He added that among Toyota's current models, only the Prius hybrid car and the manual transmission version of the Echo compact car would be able to comply with the regulation.

"The rest of our cars and trucks would have to be completely re-engineered or eliminated," he added, in a statement.
And what's wrong with that? The federal government has abdicated its responsibility to protect the environment--it's up to state and local governments to fill the void.

Lefty LA blogger Bob Morris, aka Polizeros, compares Ahnuld favorably to his miserable predecessor, Gray Davis. Besides, he could kick aWol's butt--and I wish he would!