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Friday, November 19, 2004

Venezuelan Prosecutor Assassinated

From AP:
President Hugo Chavez's spokesman on Friday accused "terrorists" training in Florida of being behind the assassination of a top prosecutor who intended to try backers of Venezuela's 2002 coup.

Danilo Anderson was killed by two explosions that tore through his SUV as he was driving in the capital just before midnight Thursday. The killing shook this oil-rich South American nation and raised the specter of further violence.
Obviously, I'm in no position to evaluate who might have killed Anderson. But it is certainly reasonable to suspect that Jeb's thugs in Miami might be behind it. It probably isn't so reasonable to jump to the conclusion that they are behind it before any serious investigation. Maybe Chavez and Bush do have something in common. (Recall that the attack on Afghanistan started almost three years BEFORE the conclusion, and well over a year before the start, of an investigation into the facts of 9/11. Thousands of Afghans died in that ugly little war, even though no Afghans were directly involved in 9/11.)