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Monday, November 15, 2004

Liars only need apply

According to CNN, aWol is likely to nominate Condoleezza "Nobody could have possibly foreseen" Rice to replace Colin "Weapons Weapons Weapons" Powell at the State Department. Millions of honest, intelligent African-Americans, and the Bushies pick slimeballs like Powell, Rice, Rod Paige and Clarence Thomas to run ruin our country. It's almost like they're TRYING to discredit black people!

Ah. I get it now.

PS: Assuming they keep with their affirmative action program, one has to shudder at the thought than Alan Keyes is looking for a job.

PPS: Zeynep reminds us that Powell isn't just a war criminal--he's a multi-war criminal: Vietnam, Panama, Gulf War I, Gulf War II.