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Monday, November 15, 2004

He's definitely had too much Republican Kool-Aid

From the NY Times:
Those were themes that Secretary Powell also touched on in his letter of resignation to the president, which he said was tendered on Friday. In that letter, Mr. Powell also expressed satisfaction that he had been part of administration efforts that "brought the attention of the world to the problem of proliferation, reaffirmed our alliances, adjusted to the post-cold war world and undertook major initiatives to deal with the problem of poverty and disease in the developing world."
Oh yeah. You've got the world's attention on proliferation, alright. Proliferate or die seems to have been the clear message of the invasion of Iraq. One of the most shameful careers in US government history comes, hopefully, to an end. Powell used his image to give the Bushies an aura of respect and intelligence far beyond what they deserved. He was trotted out by the unelected bastards well before the election of 2000 was officially stolen, and stayed just long enough to carry them through the 2004 election. If anyone could have spoken out and stopped the rush to an illegal war, it was Powell. Instead, he did precisely the opposite.